Montreal Is Getting An All-New Magical Unicorn-Themed Store

Unicorn food, unicorn gifts and unicorn cosmetics, oh my!
Montreal Is Getting An All-New Magical Unicorn-Themed Store

Calling all magic-lovers: Montreal is getting a new unicorn-themed store! The new store, La Licornerie, proves that the unicorn craze isn't over just yet. This place is perfect for those who love rainbows, sparkles, and pastel everything.

If you're looking for a magical new treat or a birthday present that will be perfect for the unicorn-lover in your life, look no further.

Located on the corner of Mont-Royal and Saint-Denis, just steps from the Mont-Royal metro, the store is the brainchild of David Cherrier, the person behind the Anticafés in Montreal.

The idea for a unicorn store came to Cherrier when he was selling antiques at the Anticafé: he noticed that unicorn-themed antiques generated a "disproportionate amount of buzz."

La Licornerie

When Cherrier looked into where unicorn-lovers could buy unicorn themed stuff in Montreal he realised that it was a niche that needed to be filled. "Could I be the first to open a store of this kind in Montreal?" he asked.

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The answer is yes. Appropriately dubbed La Licornerie, the new store has four distinct spaces: one for unicorn-themed food, one for unicorn-themed cosmetics, one for unicorn-themed gifts, and one for unicorn-themed interior decor.

The space was created with whimsy and magic in mind. The store looks like an eight-year-old girl's fever dream, with pink carpet on the floor and blue carpet on the ceiling.

La Licornerie

Have you caught on to the fact that EVERYTHING in the store is unicorn-themed? Just look at these magical unicorn desserts.

The store will host a special opening for the Mont-Royal street festival this weekend, May 30th - June 2nd.

The store will be opening for good starting on June 12.

What: La Licornerie, Montreal's only unicorn-themed store.

Where:  408 Mont-Royal East, Montreal.

When: Open for the Mont-Royal street festival May 30th - June 2nd. Grand opening on June 12.

Visit the store's Facebook page for additional information.