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Montreal Is Getting An All-New Poke Restaurant

Bowls on bowls on bowls.
Montreal Is Getting An All-New Poke Restaurant

If life has taught me anything, it’s this: poke is the way. As in, the way to everyone’s heart, the way out of that parking ticket, and the way to world peace. Okay, fine, those last two may be just a bit of an exaggeration, but poke is magic, okay? And a big fat "wtvz" to anyone who dares to say otherwise. 

Cool/fun party fact: poke literally means “chunk” in Hawaiian, ‘cause that’s exactly what it is: delicious morsels of seafood creating the most epic. salad. everrr.

Other awesome party fact to make you sound super smart in front of your friends: poke is pronounced “po-kay” not — I repeat, not — “po-kee.” Just FYI. 

The fine folks at Sushi Sama know Montrealers (myself included) love poke so much, they’re opening two new restaurants this May!

That’s right, fam — Le Poké Station is coming to a city near you (as in, the city you’re already in!). With a location opening at 2874 Rue Masson on May 24, and another at 1216 Rue Fleury Est on June 13, these Sushi Sama sister restaurants are gonna be lit (insert fire emoji here, please and thanks). Plus, you can enjoy a 20% discount during both opening weekends!

The same fresh af, chef-prepared seafood you’ve come to know and love about Sushi Sama is exactly what’s up at Le Poké Station.

Think tuna, crab and shrimp, sama and salmon. Hell, they even have chicken and pineapple for those folks who prefer their fare cooked. Add to that fresh veggies, like edamame and carrots, plus delicious af dressing I’d gladly bathe in, and you can bet each dish is next-level YUM!

And with each bowl averaging just $15, this is a seriously affordable andhealthy takeout choice, compared to other options out there.

No, really, poke is loaded with all types of vitamins, minerals, and all that healthy biz our bodies need to survive and thrive. That includes omega-3, carbs (the good kind!) and protein, too ('cause muscles and stuff, ya know?). 

If you're not already on the poke bandwagon, get ready to hop on with Le Poké Station this month. And be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for all that good, good poke lovin'. 

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