Montreal Is Getting Free Pop-Up Plazas With Open-Air Bars & Work Spaces This Month

The perfect place to catch some rays this summer
Montreal Is Getting Free Pop-Up Plazas With Open-Air Bars & Work Spaces This Month

The best part of summer is enjoying the fresh air and basking in the all-too-fleeting summertime sunshine. Of course, Montreal has many parks for its residents to enjoy, but these parks are often lacking infrastructure for visitors to host an event or get some work done.

Luckily, one Montreal-based company is setting up outdoor event and coworking spaces for the summer of 2019. The locations feature open-air bars, comfy seats, live bands, and a pet-friendly environment!

Due to the enthusiastic responses its open-air plaza received from Montrealers in the last two years, three locations will be opening their (metaphorical) doors this year!

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Aire Commune, a Montreal-based company, sets up temporary coworking and event spaces in Montreal. Their Mile-End location, which received over 80,000 visitors last year, is a testament to the popularity and demand for such spaces.

[rebelmouse-image 26893020 photo_credit="Aire Commune" expand=1 original_size="1000x563"] Aire Commune

According to Aire Commune, "these three innovative spaces will be offered without charge to the workers and the citizens of the neighbourhood. People come to work in the open air but also for the program of professional and cultural events of all sorts."

The Mile End location has outdoor seating, conference rooms, free wifi, work tables with electrical outlets, a cafe, a bar, a restaurant, and "the best happy hour in town."

It's the perfect place to hang or work on warm days.

Because the Mile End location was so popular, two other locations will be opening this year. One, in the Old Port, will have all the same amenities as the one in the Mile End. The other, in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, will be slightly different. A live-music program will be offered throughout the summer.

To kick off "la belle saison" on May 16, the Mile End location will be hosting a super fun party. DJs and food trucks will be there to entertain and feed guests. 


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