Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With More Freezing Rain Tonight

Montreal Is Going To Be Hit With More Freezing Rain Tonight

Montreal's weather has always been famously unstable, but these last few weeks have been particularly bizarre. The weather simply can't make up its mind.

One day we're experiencing some of the coldest weather we've seen on record, and a few days later it's 6°C outside.

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This is the 2nd time in a month where the city gets blanketed with snow that immediately melts away because of warmed temperatures. Then we see some rain, some flooding, and the next day it all freezes back up again. 

Now we're at the tail end of this cycle and all those puddles are frozen, except in Pointe-Claire where there is so much water 10 homes have already beeen flooded

And just to make things a little more interesting, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Montreal tonight.

As of 4:48 am on Wednesday, there is a Freezing drizzle advisory in effect for the Chateauguay - La Prairie area, the Laval area, Longueuil - the Varennes area, and the Montreal Island area.

"Freezing drizzle is expected to begin this evening and persist for much of Thursday."

As if the city wasn’t were already icy enough, the drizzle falling in sub-zero temperatures is expected to freeze on contact. That means the highways, the roads, and the sidewalks are expected to become icy and dangerously slippery.

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