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Montreal Is Going To Have A Disaster Emergency Siren Alert Test This Week

We're at pretty big risk of a hazardous gas leak in the city.
Montreal Is Going To Have A Disaster Emergency Siren Alert Test This Week

It seems as though the city is always trying to prepare for a future apocalyptic situation with different alerts and emergency warnings. Just last summer we were expected to receive an alert on cell phones across the city, which to our surprise didn't quite go as expected. 

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TL;DR Montreal will be testing a siren alert across different boroughs this Thursday, November 29 at 2PM. The alert, which would be used if a hazardous gas leak came from one of the factories in the city, will not only sound outside but also be broadcasted on TVs and radios. More details are below.

There has to be a reason why Montreal is constantly on red alert and feels that emergency planning to this capacity is totally necessary. So, what is it? What could be such a looming disaster that we all need to panic and practice a city-wide alert so often?

Well, it turns out this week's siren alert test has addressed just that. It just so happens that Montreal is pretty much surrounded by factories that use hazardous materials. If this ever resulted in a toxic gas leak, well, the entire city would have to seek immediate shelter.

So, to test the sirens located across Montreal and make sure residents actually respond to them, a practice alert will be taking place this Thursday, November 29 at 2PM.

The siren will last for three minutes before pausing, afterwards another siren will sound for 60 seconds to alert that any danger has passed. It sounds super creepy, not to mention that the city will sound incredibly eerie during this time, but it gets even more serious. 

It's possible you wouldn't hear the siren if you were already inside, which is why the same alert will be broadcasted on TVs in the city as well as radios. 

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Luckily, during this test you won't actually have to take any safety measures or seek shelter, but you'll probably want to anyways as the sound of the siren will be super painful to listen to. Let's just hope a practice alert is all we'll ever have to listen to.

For more information on the upcoming siren alert in Montreal and what boroughs will be affected, click HERE.

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