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Montreal Is Hosting A Giant 'Rum Festival' This Summer

Daiquiris, Piña Coladas, Mojitos, & more...!
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Montreal Is Hosting A Giant 'Rum Festival' This Summer

Rum connoisseurs rejoice! YULRumFest is coming back to Montreal this summer! The International Rum Festival is an opportunity for enthusiasts to sample a wide selection of rums from around the world, socialize with other participants, and learn more about how to prepare, serve, and cook with the popular liquor.

Rum is the quintessential summer drink. Its taste and use in everything from smoothies to mojitos evokes the tropical paradises of the Caribbean. YULRumFest is also an occasion to learn more about the fraught history of the alcohol, which, according to Food & Wine, was first manufactured on slave plantations in North and South America.

Today, however, rum plays a central role in the cuisines of many Caribbean, Central and South American cultures. The International Rum Festival 2019 theme of "Rum and Cook," will allow visitors to hear from rum experts about its possible cooking applications,according to Quebec Getaways.

The festival is a testatement to the growing popularity of rum. In fact, this will not be the only event where Montrealers can get a taste of the beverage this summer. 

Between July 11th and 14th, A Taste of the Caribbean will celebrate Caribbean culture with street food vendors and rum tastings. Rum fans can also always get their fix with alcoholic mojito popsicles from local company POP Culture.

The brave among us may also order giant fishbowl cocktails at local tavern Les Torchés, some of which include rum! Sangria is also a go-to for rum-lovers. Be sure to check out this listof the best sangrias in town!

The International Rum Festival is going down between August 16th and 17th, 2019. Details, including participating vendors and locations, are forthcoming. Stay tuned to the YULRumFest website here and Facebook page here!

Here's everything you need to know

What: YULRumFest, Festival International de Rhum

When: August 16 – 17, 2019

Where: TBD!


    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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