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Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Pizza Festival This September

Margherita Pizza, Neapolitan Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, & more... !
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Pizza Festival This September

So many #festsso little time. With just enough time to fit in a 30 day fast after Montreal's massive Poutinefest, Pizzafest 2019 is rearing its cheesy head

Starting September 11th and continuing through the 24th, restaurants across the city will be creating their own unique pizza recipe and customers will be voting on their favorites.

With dozens of restaurants already listed in the event, there will be a lot of eating to do. 

In the past, a team of judges, along with customer voting, have decided who to crown the Pizzafest winner. So far this year there is no word on judges, maybe it will be left in the hands of the customers! Voting on pizza is something we can take very seriously.  

Pizzafest is slowly unveiling participating restaurants with the usual suspects on the list like La Piazzetta, Pizzeria Pépé Super Choix, Bistro 360, and last year's third-place winner Vincent Sous-Marins Montreal Nord.

No word yet if the 2018 first place winner San Gennaro will be on board. 

This is the third year the event will take placeand it's becoming aMontreal staple. Some restaurants stick to pure Italian classics focusing solely on high-quality ingredients. But others have taken the challenge tocreate something wild. Past participating restaurants have used oysters, pickles and peanut butter. 

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Pizza eaters are encouraged to share their thoughts and pizza photos on social media using the hashtag #pizzafestmtl or #pizzafestmtl2019. 

This is a great chance to discover some of Montreal's hidden gems, to get reacquainted with your favorite local pizzerias or an excuse to eat your weight in pizza

Last year there were 56 restaurants competing for the glory of Pizzafest champion. That leaves us with one problem: which restaurant to start with first. 

Montreal's 2019 Pizzafest

WHEN: Septemeber 11 – 24

WHERE: Check out the list of participating restaurants here.


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