Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Free Indian Food Festival

An opportunity to discover & enjoy the flavors of the ancient culture of India.
Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Free Indian Food Festival

Montreal is home to a great diversity of communities that contribute to the vibrancy and strength of the city as a whole. Each year, these communities mark special dates to celebrate their cultural identities and invite other city residents to share in the fun.

Of these celebrations, the Festival of India is one of the most anticipated. The festival Facebook states its aim to "[promote] multiculturalism and [explore] ancient traditions together!"

"Our values are: peace, inclusiveness and mutual inter-cultural understanding. Our goals: to promote rich cultural exchanges through festivals of South Asian origin."

As part of the festivities, participants can get a chance to try some free vegetarian Indian food!

The festival will begin with a parade through the Montreal Plateau that will include large, colourful floats, inspired by the enormous Hindu festival of Ratha-Yatra. 

The festival website encourages "participants and spectators" to "join us for singing and dancing, as well as pulling" the 40-foot cart that will serve as the centrepiece of the parade.

The procession will end at Parc Jeanne-Mance near the corner of ave. du Parc and ave. du Mont-Royal, where parade "participants will be offered a free vegetarian meal and a host of other family activities!"

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Among these will be:

  • musical performances

  • dance and theater exhibitions

  • henna and facial decoration

  • yoga and meditation workshops

  • a South Asian bazaar and

  • ayur-vedic massages

The website describes the festival as an "exceptional opportunity to discover and enjoy the flavors of this ancient culture of India — so different, but so welcoming!"

For more information on the festival, its performances, and their cultural significance, refer to the Festival of India website here! You can also follow the event page on Facebook here.

Everything you need to know:

What: Montreal Festival of India

When: July 6th and 7th, 2019

Where: Parc Jeanne-Mance

Festival of India website