Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Japanese Picnic Under Blossoming Apple Trees This Month

Montreal got its first hint of warm weather these past few days and it seems like the city population multiplied. Thousands of people took to the streets and restaurant terrasses to take advantage of the few hours of warmth.

Though temperatures are set to drop this week, we're on a definite and tangible trajectory toward summer!

Montreal has fewer visible signs of spring than other Canadian cities. While Toronto and Vancouver have their annual, much-hyped cherry tree blossoms, for example, Montreal is largely devoid of that particular flowering tree.

But that doesn't mean that Montrealers can't still take in the full glory of the spring bloom!

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In fact, to celebrate the peak of the spring season, the Montreal Botanical Garden is hosting a giant picnic under the flowering crabapple trees in its famed Japanese garden!

The O-hanami Picnic will take place on May 19th, 2019!

"In Japan, aristocrats in the Heian Period (794–1185) would hold flower-viewing parties beneath the cherry trees in bloom. Thus was born the tradition of o-hanami, the custom of viewing (mi) flowers (hana)," the event site reads.

"Not particularly hardy, Japanese cherry trees do not flower easily in our climate. However, our many crabapple trees with their pretty blooms will create an effect that is just as peaceful and romantic."

Picnic-goers will each get a boxed lunch with "traditional" Japanese fare, according to the Fondation du Jardin et du Pavillon Japonais de Montréal.

To register for the event, participants much reserve their boxed lunch on the foundation website here. "Only individuals who have reserved a boxed lunch may take part in the event," the Espace pour la vie website clarifies. You must also register before May 13th.

Each boxed lunch costs $26.

Space is limited so act fast!

For more info, check out the Botanical Garden website here!

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