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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Retro Video Game Festival This Winter

For those of us that love retro video games and legendary consoles that seriously consumed our childhood (and let's be real, our adulthood as well), there's nothing better than joining together with a group of people who are also fanatics with the same gaming nostalgia.

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TL;DR High Score Con is returning this Sunday, December 2 for an exclusive 25th anniversary Mega Man X video game festival. The event will be held at Hôtel Ruby Foos from 9AM to 5PM, with tickets starting at $5 at the door. Special early bird tickets are also available. More detail are below.

Well, it's time to prepare for total excitement, Montreal. You die-hard video game fans are about to have your wildest dreams come true.

Montreal's premier video game festival, High Score Con, is about to return for the winter, complete with dozens of games and activities sure to thrill enthusiasts. This is your best opportunity to pick up some super rare gaming merchandise, meet with indie companies and their creations, and of course, play TONS of video games!

Luckily, the wait for this incredible event isn't long at all! In fact, the festival will be held next week, on Sunday December 2 from 9AM to 5PM.

The main celebration for this season's High Score Con is the 25th anniversary of Mega Man X, which means this is an exclusive event you'll have never experienced before.

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It all takes place at Hôtel Ruby Foos. Tickets will be for sale at the door. Regular admission costs only $5 and doors open at 10AM.

If you're a serious Mega Man X fan though, you'll definitely want to grab yourself an early bird ticket. These tickets will get you through the door at 9AM with an exclusive FREE 25th anniversary Mega Man X button – all this for only $10.

For more information check out High Score Con's website or click here to see their Facebook event.

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