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Montreal Is Now Offering Downtown Valet Parking

Amazing news for shopaholics!
Montreal Is Now Offering Downtown Valet Parking

If you've been to downtown Montreal recently, you know that it's an absolute mess of construction. Nearly every major city block has an orange cone on it. At this point, I'm starting to think they're decorative. 

This construction catastrophe is creating havoc for people who drive into downtown Montreal every day for work and for shopping. If you work downtown, at least you could have an underground garage or reserved spaces. Shoppers are screwed though since there's so little street parking. 

This is all about to change because the City of Montreal is starting an all-new valet parking service in downtown this summer! 

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TL;DR  Because of on-going construction, Montreal is starting a brand-new valet parking service for downtown shoppers starting this summer. For $15 dollars, shoppers can leave their car in a designated location and a valet will park it for them. The price drops to $8 dollars with a validation stamp from participating businesses. 

Since there's major construction happening at every street corner, city officials, in a show of good faith, are making it easier for shoppers to park downtown. Starting soon and only on weekends, Montreal's valet parking service will be a dream come true for many shopaholics in the city. 

For $15 dollars, shoppers will have the option of dropping off their car at two designated locations in downtown. One will be at the corner of St. Catherine and Mansfield, the other will be at de Maisonneuve and Bleury. A valet will give you a ticket and park your car in an area not too far away. When shopping, be sure to validate your ticket as the price drops to $8 dollars! 

Mayor Valerie Plante, often criticized for being anti-car, was quick to say that this new service is all part of her better mobility plans for Montreal, according to a city councillor for Project Montreal. 

The locations of the service are strategically placed, coinciding with construction projects that are on-going at both the St. Catherine and Mansfield and de Maisonneuve and Bleury intersections.

There will be even more closures in the coming years, as work is set to be complete sometime in 2021. What's great for downtown businesses is that this new valet parking initiative could allow more drivers to have better access to downtown, for huge profit potential. 

Valet parking is a luxury service that is more common for hotels than city streets, but thankfully, the city of Montreal has listened to driver's and business owner's concerns and is taking steps to rectify many years worth of problems. 

Will you be using Montreal's new valet parking service this summer?

One thing's for sure, drivers will be so happy they won't have to look for parking anymore. No word yet on how many cars or parking spots the service can accommodate, however. For the price, I'm sure it'll be more than worth it! 

Stay tuned for updates! 


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