Montreal Outranks Toronto In New List Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World

We knew Verdun had it going on.
Montreal Outranks Toronto In New List Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World

It's almost like the writers here could see into the future. A few months back we posted an article about why Verdun is Montreal's Best Borough

Though not everyone agreed with us, one major publication did. Time Out just released their list of the 50 Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World and Montreal's very own Verdun made the cut. 

There was only one other Canadian neighbourhood mentioned in the list: The Junction in Toronto. 

While neither Toronto or Montreal made the top ten, Verdun came in at a respectable 22 while The Junction was further down the list at spot number 36.

So how did they come to this conclusion? Time Out asked 27,000 people around the world about "the best, most overrated and most undervalued neighbourhoods in their home town." From there they pitted expert location editors against one another to come up "what we reckon is the definitive list of the planet’s cultural and culinary hotspots right now."

Those are big shoes to fill. There are a lot of Montreal neighbourhoods that have seen fantastic growth in the last few years, but Verdun may be at the top of that list. While it has still held on to some of its working-class roots, its rapid gentrification has made it home to some of the most popular restaurants and bars around. 

According to Time Out, Verdun is the most up-and-coming place on the island. They do say "it’s a well-kept secret among locals" which may be partly true but with the number of festivals being hosted in the waterfront borough, that definitely won't be for too long. 

In the article, each area is broken down into things to do (the satellite stage at the Jazz Fest), eat (restaurant Beba), drink (the first bar to serve alcohol in Verdun, Benelux) and stay (the B&B La Petite Bourgeoise). 

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But the Montreal locals love Verdun because, "There’s a strong community life, with family and cultural activities always going on, plus it’s near the water and has lots of restaurants and bars."

The number one best city neighbourhood went to Arroios, Lisbon followed by Shimokitazawa, Tokyo; Onikan, Lagos; Wedding, Berlin, and Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. 

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