Montreal Is Officially Shutting Down Streets Because Of Flooding, Here Are The Roads To Avoid

This morning, Montreal woke up to a total disaster zone. We all knew a storm was coming, but none of us anticipated waking up to flooded streets. Semi-submerged cars and even buses are crawling through the rising water around the city, and, as of noon, Montreal officials are shutting down certain streets as safety precautions.

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TL;DR Overnight rainfall has caused serious flooding around Montreal. City officials have announced the shutting down of certain streets, and also which streets to avoid.

According to TVA, Hochelaga Street is closed near the junction with Highway 25 because the basins which are intended to allow for the evacuation of the water were blocked.

Moreover, continues TVA, the Urban Mobility Management Center of the City of Montreal released a list of street intersections which are highly inundated with water, and may be subject to closure if conditions worsen.

  • Dollard and de la Vérendrye  
  • Atwater and Ste-Catherine 
  • Maisonneuve and St-Laurent 
  • Notre-Dame and Papineau 
  • Acadie and A-40 
  • Parc and Van-Horne 
  • Champlain and De l'Église 
  • St-Patrick and Wellington 
  • Clément and Oblats 
  • Angrignon and Notre-Dame 
  • Monk and St-Patrick 
  • Rose-de-Lima and St-Antoine 
  • Assomption and Sherbrooke  

Montrealers everywhere are posting videos and photos of their morning commutes, the situation out there is dire. 

Montreal’s streets are flooded in 34 degree weather how’s your day going ?

January 24, 2019

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It's total chaos, and as a result, Urgences Santé Quebec is begging Montrealers — as seen multiple times on their Twitter account — to not call 911 unless it's a life-threatening situation. 

More updates to come...


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