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Montreal Is The Only City In Canada To Host A Strip Karaoke Night

Montreal is known as a sin city without compare. There are many events where you can let it all out and just as many strip clubs for you to enjoy. Regardless of gender, seeing naked people on a stage isn't that difficult. 

Have you ever wanted to bare it all on stage without any regard? If yes, you won't have to go to your local club and apply for a job. Why not sing your problems away and get naked at the same time! 

Lipster Karaoke and Bareoke might just be the place for you! Lipster hosts a monthly strip karaoke event the first Saturday of every month at Café Cléopâtre. The next event is happening on May 4th!

TL;DR  Lipster Karaoke and Bareoke is the place to be if you've always dreamed of being a rockstar while taking off all your clothing. On the first Saturday of every month at Café Cléopâtre, sing your little heart out and bare it all at Lipster Bareoke.

Lipster has been hosting karaoke events at Notre-Dame des Quilles on Sunday nights for a while now. Bareoke is a new event that is happening at Café Cléopâtre since the last venue got some complaints about the nudity. 

You know that when an event is banned from a venue it's bound to be a good one. For the lewdest and crudest karaoke night you'll ever experience, you absolutely need to check out Bareoke at Café Cléopâtre. 

No prudes and no judgement allowed at this event! Bareoke is open to all body types and singers. Song lists are available online before the event page so that you can practice your chops before going. 

Worried about baring it all? Well, no one is obliged to strip down to their birthday suit, but it definitely is recommended! But, if you insist on keeping your clothes on, no one will be mad (just be an amazing singer, ok?!)

Will you brave the stage and take it all off for the music? Take your chances May 4th at Lipster Bareoke at Café Cléopâtre!

What: Lipster Bareoke 

Where: Café Cléopâtre

When: The first Saturday of every month (next one May 4th)

For more information, click here


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