Montreal Is Throwing 2 Huge "Jurassic Park" Viewing Parties For Tomorrow's Raptors Game

Canada is gearing up for Game 6 of the NBA finals, which will take place tomorrow, June 13th. The Raptors are currently up 3-2 against the Warriors. If they win tomorrow's game, they will take home the championship.

If Thursday's game is anything like Monday's, it will be filled with heart-pounding excitement up to the very last minute. Fans are likely in for a great show.

To make the game more accessible, Montreal is hosting two giant viewings of the game: one on Peel Street and one on Crescent Street.

Montreal chose to extend the closure of Peel street last week, since it was already closed to vehicle traffic for the Grand Prix, meaning that revellers could enjoy the game outside.

The outdoor area, dubbed Montreal's own "Jurassic Park," was a huge hit with fans and merchants alike. Merchants started planning for the next game right away.

A spokesperson at Quebec 311 was able to confirm that the city will be closing down two streets for tomorrow's game.

Watch the MTLBlog video below to see how Montrealers partied for the last Jurassic Park on Peel!

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According to the spokesperson, the outdoor viewing party is made available thanks to the Association des Sociétés de développement commercial de Montréal.

Peel street will be open only to pedestrians between Sainte-Catherine and Maisonneuve. The exact location of the festivities on Crescent, and the exact time at both locations, is still to be determined.

If the Raptors win again tomorrow, they will win the finals. This would be a historic win because no Canadian team has won a championship in over 25 years

The event is sure to draw a large number of people. Canadians all over the country have tuned into the NBA finals, including many of whom were not previously basketball fans.

The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Toronto Raptors tomorrow, June 13th at 9:00 p.m.

Take in the game live on Peel St. or Crescent St. in Montreal!


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