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Montreal Just Got A New Old-School Style Diner & Everything Is Vegan

A fresh and modern take on an old favourite.
Montreal Just Got A New Old-School Style Diner & Everything Is Vegan
  • Sure, it might feel like there are a million vegan restaurants to try in Montreal these days.
  • But Mimi & Jones in the Mile End is a special experience you won't find anywhere else.
  • The comfort food and classic old-school diner feel make this the next great vegan resto you need to try in Montreal.

Everything old is new again.  The Mile-End's latest restaurant is a little gem called Mimi and Jones; a throwback diner that takes the ordinary menu of burgers, fries, and milkshakes and gives them a modern vegan twist perfectly inline with 2019

The restaurant has only been opened for a few weeks but is already getting quite the fan base for their all-veg menu. There are a lot of vegan restaurants to choose from in Montreal these days, but there is something about Mimi and Jones. Maybe it's the unpretentious vibe or that their comfort food actually satiates that comfort food craving. 

Their menu is simple and straightforward. Along with burgers and fries (and the awesome house spicy mayo), the diner also serves up handmade ravioli stuffed with tofu-walnut ricotta with your choice of basil pesto or rose sauce.  

The nuggets are breaded tofu and even the milkshakes are 100% vegetal. Speaking of milkshakes, I would definitely recommend the cheesecake milkshake, which somehow manages to be thick, not too sweet and extremely tasty.

Even the interior is simple, modern and sleek with no excess. But instead of making the space feel cold, it adds a certain intimacy to the small room.  

The prices are all incredibly reasonable. And considering that most of the options on the menu are handmade, the prices even err on the side of cheap. Nothing on the menu is over $14, so a trip here won't break the bank. 

MJ Guertin, the chef and owner of Mimi and Jones, is no stranger to vegan food options. Back in April, she won the Le Tofu d'Or award at Montreal's first 100% vegan culinary competition. She also founded the Vegengels which offers sushi and fast-food ravioli. 

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After living in LA for a few years, where vegan restaurants are more prevalent than Montreal, Guertin came back to her home city with the plan to change perceptions of the cuisine which she did with Sata Sushi and is now doing with Mimi and Jones. 

With its perfect location in the heart of Mile-End, this little diner is a spot to definitely try out with a couple of friends. 

Even the biggest carnivores will be happy here. The food is strong enough that it ceases to just be "good vegan" and is just "great food."

Mimi and Jones Vegan Diner 

WHERE: 5149 ave du Parc

WHEN: Open Monday through Thursday