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Montreal Just Released The Weirdest Tourist Video You'll Ever See And It's Almost Too Cringeworthy To Watch

With the amount of tourism that Montreal gets every summer, it was about time that we received our own advertisement promoting how incredible the city is. That's why Tourisme Montréal decided to create this unique music video that you're definitely going to have to watch sooner or later.

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TL;DR Tourisme Montréal released a $400,000 budget video to promote tourism to the city that even Mayor Valérie Plante finds "interesting." The video had received much attention for not only being "cringy" but also missing the mark in other areas. Watch the video below for more details.

The video, which is titled "Reviens-Moi," already has people talking just days after being uploaded on YouTube. The three-minute clip can be described as sappy, cute, corny, and most accurately... cringy.

You have to watch it for yourself to truly understand what it feels like to cringe at a song, but even Montreal mayor Valérie Plante had a few words to say about the advertisement.

According to the Montreal Gazzette, Plante was surprised when she first watched the video. She added that she found it interesting, which we can only interpret as "super embarassing" or "cringeworthy."

Seriously, you can't help but laugh at how silly the special effects are. Although the video definitely missed its mark, at least we can have a good laugh while viewing some of the city's biggest tourist attractions.

What's even worse is when you find out what the budget was for the video. All-in-all, it cost up to $400,000 to make the "Reviens-Moi" music video. Seriously, you can't help but wonder where all of that money was spent.

That's not all, as this interpretive video is upsetting other Montrealers for a completely different reason. Watch the video again and you'll notice that the city of Montreal is never actually named during the three-minute musical number. Not once does the artist actually say anything like "come visit Montreal" or something to tip viewers off to the fact that it's a video promoting tourism, which is just a little odd.

Je ne comprend pourquoi il n’y a même pas le mot montreal dans la chanson , il est bien à montreal et non à Québec ? :)

January 6, 2019

Je suis bien content de ne pas avoir la télé. J’ai quand même regardé le clip pour me faire une idée. Ce n’est même pas kitsch, c’est juste mal fait et mal ciblé. Il faut le savoir que c’est pour Montréal et pas autre chose. Si on ne connait pas la ville, on pense Quebec!

January 7, 2019

J’aime bien la tune mais Montréal n’est jamais mentionné-dommage!

January 7, 2019

Overall, the city's attempt at a musical advertisement was a pretty big fail, but at least it was amusing to watch! Who knows if it actually brings a flood of new tourism to the city this summer. We can only wait and see.

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