Montreal Just Survived Its Wettest October In History

We can thank the Halloween storm for this new record.
Montreal Just Survived Its Wettest October In History

Feeling damp, Montreal? Well, you're not alone — and you're certainly not imagining things, because apparently, we have just survived the wettest October in city history. As in, the rainiest October in Montreal ever. Or, at least since they started keeping track of these kinds of things, which was waaaay back in 1871. So I think it's fair to say "of all time," because that is a significant record spanning nearly 150 years. 

We also broke a Halloween record, and no I don't mean "first place in the world to celebrate Halloween twice."

According to YUL Weather records, by 8 p.m. on October 31, Montreal had a rain total of 35.6mm, which made it the "wettest Halloween in 100 years."

But then, the rain continued.

By the end of the day, 61mm of rain fell on Montreal making it the #1 wettest Halloween in Montreal history (since records began in 1871).

And that two-day storm, which went along nicely with our two-day Halloween, managed to break a couple November records, too, as well as marking November 1 as the windiest day in 2019 to date.

The tweet below highlights the wettest Octobers in Montreal by total rainfall, where you can see that this year beat out the reigning champ, the year 2005, by a whole 61.6mm.

Which is pretty cool to see that it was actually that 61mm of rain which fell during Halloween (the real one, on the 31st), that managed to tip 2019 over the edge and push us ahead of 2005's record.

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The graph below also shows how significant of a jump this October was in terms of average rainfall, including what is considered the maximum average.

The green line shows the minimum and the yellow line shows the maximum averages. The graph also plots the 30-year average as well as the normal range, which is 35mm to 163mm.

This October, Montreal saw 96.8mm more total rain than the maximum average for this month.

So it seems this has been a season of extremes, with November already starting out with a couple of record-breaking weather events. 

The chart above highlights Montreal's weather extremes for October 2019 and shows that our lowest temperature of the month was unusually high.

Though, at the same time, the highest temperature was unusually low.

Can anyone say climate change?

Here's hoping November a little more on the dry side... though, don't get your hopes up... because snow is probably coming this week

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