Daredevil Man Caught Doing A Full Workout On Top Of A Montreal Crane In The Snow (Video)

We will never have an excuse not to work out again.
Daredevil Man Caught Doing A Full Workout On Top Of A Montreal Crane In The Snow (Video)
  • A video was sent to MTL Blog that shows a man working out, pushups and all, on the top of a crane... in the snow.
  • If this doesn't scream Montreal, I'm not sure what does.
  • Maybe this video will inspire you to switch up your workout routine, maybe it will scare you out of every working out again - watch for yourself below!

Montrealers love to work out almost anywhere. Just ask this guy who practiced his karate skills on a construction cone. But this may be the height of all outdoor workouts; pumping it out on the top of a giant crane tower in downtown Montreal. 

Instagrammer @itzavi.k caught the whole thing on video from his office building on René Lévesque and couldn't believe what he was seeing, "I was thrilled by seeing his guts and it was too windy yesterday." 

Luckily he sent the videos in, as we wouldn't have believed it either.  A man is actually doing some serious strength training. Outside. On top of a crane. In the snow.

Crossfit braggers, take heed, this is where real bragging rights lie. This is not a workout for the weak of heart. 

The video was taken yesterday on November 14. According to @itzavi.k, the workout went on for about 30 minutes. It was about -2 C yesterday, so that's definitely one way to keep warm.

A typical crane tower is about 80 meters tall but can have a total height even greater than that. It's hard to tell from the video, but this crane looks to be officially really damn tall. 

Keep scrolling to watch the videos of this Montreal daredevil. 

In the first video, he is just casually doing some pushups. Looking at how tall the crane stands compared to the buildings in the background is enough to make anyone's stomach flip. 

Is that a guy working out on a crane?

This has to be the ultimate inspiration. This guy needs his own motivational business where you could call in with your excuse to not work out, "Eh, I can't work out today, I forgot my lip balm at home." 

And all he would have to say is, "I worked out in minus freezing weather, hundreds of feet in the sky on what may or may not have been my lunch break. Suck it up, snowflake."

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In the second video, he's upping the ante and really showing off his strength training skills with some pull-ups. Because, why not?

Guy Working Out On Crane

The crane looks like it was either on Drummond or Stanley. Considering all the new condo construction in the works, it was most likely a construction worker on his break. This man needs a raise.

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