Montreal Man Is Facing A $1,500 Speeding Ticket For Reaching Almost Triple The Speed Limit

Truth be told, it's not uncommon to see people going a little over the legal limit when driving. You've probably been in the same situation: running late for work, the roads are pretty clear, you see no cops in sight so you hit the gas a bit more than usual. 

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TL;DR A Montreal man was caught going 126km/h in a 50km/h zone. The SPVM fined him $1,448 as well as 14 demerit points and a seven day license suspension.

But then it happens. You get pulled over by police. 

Although you think at this point you've got it pretty bad, this Montreal man is seriously facing a way worse penalty. 

For this driver, running late for work (which must be super important) is a lot worse than any fine he could receive while speeding to get there. So, while on Henri-Bourassa Blvd he decided it would be justifiable to hit speeds of 126km/h.

For the record, the speed limit on this road is 50km/h.

So, while going almost triple the speed limit he is inevitably pulled over by the SPVM's traffic division.  It turns out the man didn't really have much to say for himself.

In fact, police state that the man was actually super unapologetic. Officers asked why he would be driving so fast, his response being that he was late for work. He also requested the officer hurry up with his ticket to avoid being even more late. 

Seriously, was it really worth getting to work on time? He was probably still late despite the massive speeding, so it was seriously all for nothing. 

The fines the man received should be enough to tempt him to never go over the limit again, most likely because he probably won't be driving at all for a while. The officer gave him not only a $1,448 ticket, but also 14 demerit points. He also had his license suspended for seven days.

The moral of the story is to just let your work know you're going to be late. Seriously! How bad can it be?