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Montreal Man Proves How Easy It Is For Strangers To Spy On Your Phone On The Metro

If you're not careful, your information could be vulnerable.
Montreal Man Proves How Easy It Is For Strangers To Spy On Your Phone On The Metro

Everyday Montrealers sit on crowded metro cars and buses, packed waiting rooms, and other public places and slump their shoulder over their phones to thumb away the time.

TL;DR A computer security specialist took a trip on the STM orange line to demonstrate how easy it is to spy on people's phones on the metro and gather sensitive information about them, including their employer's names, Facebook and Instagram accounts, their birthday, and more.

A interesting report recently released by TVA shows that it's surprisingly easy for strangers to peep over your shoulders, gather information from your phone screen, and proceed to finding almost everything about you from simple online searches.

A computer security specialist, Luc Lefebvre, demonstrated for the TVA report how easy it is for any individual to spy on someone's phone on the metro.

He even discovered the contact information of a sex worker one of the passengers he spied on is seeing. In other words, he easily exposed people's most personal information and even dark secrets.

He ventured onto the orange line to further prove his point. Within 10 minutes he indentified two McGill students and was able to find out detailed information about their lives, including their employers' names, Facebook and Instagram accounts, their birthdays etc.

The majority of people are too busy with their own lives and Instagram feeds, of course, to care about spying on your morning text message exchange with your significant other.

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But Lefebvre, who works for a government company protecting computer system from all kinds of hackers and viruses, and is encouraging people to purchase screen protectors that create a glare so others cannot read your phone.

In the end, you never really know who could be potentially watching over your shoulder.

Read the whole TVA report HERE.


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