Content warning: This article includes discussion of police brutality and footage of an arrest that may be upsetting to some readers.

A video posted to social media on July 2nd, 2019 captures the moment Montreal police arrest a black teenager near Henri-Bourassa orange metro line station. Since its release, the video has sparked outrage. Many have called out the officers for an apparently excessive use of force.

In the video, a male officer can be seen throwing the young man to the ground before tossing him into the police car. Close examination of the video shows that the young man's head hits the car door and becomes wedged against the floor of the vehicle.

The individual under arrest has not been identified and may be a minor.

Now, the man who took the viral video is speaking out against the officers' actions. Jahmensky Lubin sat down with MTL Blog correspondent Nayla Ajami to discuss the incident.

Watch that video below:

Lubin explains that he was on his way to his bus stop when he came across the police officers making the arrest. "The kid [...] was in cuffs already. I [saw] the cops pull down the little kids pants [to] be able to check if he had anything in his pants."

"As soon as I pulled out my phone, that's when the police officer drags the kid to the floor, picks him back up, says, 'get in the car!'" and "flips him upside down."

"He definitely looked like a minor. I think he's around 16 years old," says Lubin.

He further states that, before the video started, he only heard the young man ask, "What did I do?" but the police "didn't give him an answer."

One officer told Lubin after the young man was tossed into the vehicle that police had received a complaint about "a child looking into cars in a parking lot."


It was "completely excessive force. It was not needed whatsoever."

"Police brutality is everywhere. It's not just in America. It's in Montreal right next to me."

Lubin's original video can be viewed in his Twitter post below:

In a Facebook post, Lubin says he regrets the way he spoke to the officers. 

"I don’t hate police, I respect those who protect & serve without abusing their power. I was SOO mad That I couldn’t do anything besides film and verbally defend him that I was just talking out of anger and swearing a lot. They have a HARD job I know that, but at least talk & treat us like humans."

To other media, the SPVM has declined to comment on the incident pending review.

Stay tuned.