Montreal Metro Passengers Spots Fabulous Duck On The Orange Line (Video)

Another day, another weird sighting on the Montreal STM public transit system. This time, it's a famous duck who has definitely been spotted before, roaming the underground network of subway trains, escorted by his handler.

The duck managed to get so famous, not just because of his tendency to take the popular public transit option in the city, but also because of his undeniably stylish hairdo. 

A little research shows that, no, the owner is not a duck-do coiffeur or coiffeuse, but that the duck is, in fact, born with the beautiful mop of hair.

The Crested duck breed is a domestic duck that actually has a deformity on its head that causes that fabulous poof of hair. Darwin first called it a Tufted Duck, a name that I think should stand because... well, look at him. That is a tufted duck if I've ever seen one. 

Apparently, this type of duck is very common as a pet, though Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks does indicate that they have "good layers and strong roasting qualities."

Let's be glad that the owner of our Metro Duck has decided to forego roasting and keep him around as a pet, instead.

The duck was spotted on the STM Orange line, just as the train was about to arrive at Station Sauvé. The video was shared with MTL Blog by Instagram user @a__mal____.

Fabulous crested duck spotted on Montreal metro

Maybe our duck lives in Laval, and was headed home?

Or perhaps the duck and owner were headed into the city for a day in the big city!

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We can't know for certain what this unlikely pair was up to, all we know for sure is that this duck has impeccable metro manners.

Look at him waiting so patiently to enter the train.

In the video above, you can see the duck has chosen not to take up one of the reserved seats, opting instead to stand to allow other passengers the space to sit if needed.

So polite.

Have you spotted this dashing duck riding the rails near you?

Maybe there's some other wildlife that waits for the bus at the same stop as you?

Whatever it is, we love it, so send it along and your fabulous Montreal finds may become an MTL Blog article!

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