Poop In Villa-Maria Metro Station Montreal STM
  • A couple of weeks ago, MTL Blog received a photo of a Montreal metro station poop that one commuter had been seeing the remnants of for weeks.
  • In fact, weeks turned to months and the commuter continued to see the shit stain on the wall of Villa-Maria station.
  • Here is the story of that persistent poop stain that has been plaguing the platform's wall since September.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Here at MTL Blog, we get sent a lot of stories. Some of them heartwarming, some of them funny, and some of them... are about poop. Unfortunately for me, today is a Montreal metro station poop day - and the story I have to share with you is... pretty much entirely about poop. You have been warned.

About a week ago, Russell Macnab sent us a photo of poop on the platform off Villa-Maria station. Of course, we at first thought perhaps this was his version of protest for our weather coverage - but no.

Instead, what came after was a hilarious and somewhat stinky tale of a pile of shit in the metro that just would not go away. It was clear to me that Russell had shared this tale once or twice before, maybe in his group chat with the boys, maybe over a pint with his brother, and in having done so he had perfected it.

For that reason, I'm going to let Russell tell you the story of the persistent poop at Villa-Maria station.

"So it was Saturday, September 7th," Russel begins, "and I was on route to my brother's place in Saint-Laurent. I got to the Villa Maria metro station as usual and sat down on one of the benches near the middle of the station.

I took out my phone to pass the time but quickly noticed something funky in the air. Gave myself a few sniffs - to make sure it wasn't coming off of me."

That's when curiosity took over, Russell explains, and since he still had some time to kill, he set out to "find the source."

"As I walked down the station the smell became increasingly pungent until it was just about unbearable.

I didn't need to go much further as I spotted the pile of wet excrement plastered on the wall and piled on the floor between the 8th and 9th bench."

Villa-Maria Station: September 7, 2019

[rebelmouse-image 26888146 alt="Poop In Villa-Maria Metro Station Montreal STM" photo_credit="Russell Macnab" expand=1 original_size="2000x2667"] Russell Macnab

Naturally, I took a picture and sent it to my brother and the boys to let them know of my discovery.

With a bit of extra sleuthing, I realized there was no toilet paper, napkins or even a sock at the scene - so whoever the culprit was, they didn't get away with the crime unscathed."

"I thought about going back upstairs and letting an STM employee know about what I'd uncovered," Russell explains, "but upon hearing the tunnel rumbling from the approaching metro car, I decided to wait until I got to the Côte-Vertu station to let them know.

As I got to my destination and headed up the escalator I saw a sizeable queue leading to the worker in the booth. I didn't want to wait in that line just to tell the worker someone had defecated in the metro station. I figured someone was bound to smell it an investigate like I did."

This is where Russell's story takes a turn.

"Fast forward to September 13th and, like before, I was headed to my brother's. I was curious to see if it had been cleaned. I'd been joking with my brother that someone probably put out a wet floor sign over the pile and said to hell with it.

To my surprise it had been cleaned, well half cleaned, which made it even funnier. The ground was scrubbed clean but the wall was untouched. There was still a lingering smell in the air but was much less severe at this point.

Villa-Maria Station: September 13, 2019

[rebelmouse-image 26888147 alt="Poop In Villa-Maria Metro Station Montreal STM" photo_credit="Russell Macnab" expand=1 original_size="2200x1650"] Russell Macnab

I took another picture for my brother and the boys and wrote that someone must be getting paid to wash the floors but the walls weren't in the job description.

From then on I took a picture nearly every week, with each photo the stain was drying out and flaking off more and more. It ended up turning into an inside joke/experiment to see how long it would take for someone to finish the job."

"It's funny to admit but part of me will feel sad when the wall is finally cleaned," Russell admits.

"It was one of those stupid little things that you can count on to always be there. Although the stain will be washed from the wall it has left a permanent mark on my heart."

Villa-Maria Station: November 22, 2019

[rebelmouse-image 26888148 alt="Poop In Villa-Maria Metro Station Montreal STM" photo_credit="Russell Macnab" expand=1 original_size="2000x2667"] Russell Macnab

Perhaps you, too, saw the persistent poop that was laid to rest in Villa-Maria station. I, personally, can attest to witnessing a near-exact situation at Atwater metro station, this past summer.

A poop was dropped onto the floor and it clearly had generously grazed the wall on its way down.

When I was headed into work the next day, I noticed that the poop had been cleaned off the floor, but... As Russell mentioned above, I couldn't help thinking, "Whoever cleaned that decided they weren't getting paid enough to clean it off the wall," because the poop remained on the wall for weeks, becoming a mysterious stain that managed to outlast my tenure at that job.

* I reached out to the STM to ask them about their procedures when it comes to incidents like this, and this was their response:

"Our cleaning procedures are very thorough and we aim that in a week, every visible surface of a métro station has been cleaned. We use different disinfecting products depending on the type of material that we clean. We also use specific cleaning methods and products to disinfect for biological substances, such as human feces.

We can only presume that the mentioned situation was caused by a simple oversight or human mistake by an employee. It does not represent the STM’s engagement to offer clean premises to our customers."

* This article has been updated.

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