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Someone Risked Life To Paint A Cabin & Hang Curtains Atop An Abandoned Montreal Factory

Art installation? A new condo? No one is certain...
Montreal Mystery: Who Risked Life To Paint A Cabin Atop This Abandoned Factory?
  • St-Henri residents and visitors are confounded by the sudden pink appearance of a cabin atop an abandoned factory along the Lachine Canal in Montreal.
  • A source tells MTL Blog that the property is fenced and its first 3 floors blocked to trespassers.
  • Do you know who is behind this?

Some things in Montreal make even the most hardened locals go "WTF" and this is certainly one of those things. Somehow, someway, a brave soul managed to climb up to the top of an abandoned factory along the Lachine Canal and painted a cabin pink. 

Theories range from it being an art installation to squatters that have a careful eye for interior design. You expect to find tags and graffiti, but an entire painted building? Next time you're in the area, make sure to look up. 

This towering factory, once an old beer malting facility, overlooks Riverside Bar and the St-Remi tunnel. Our source tells us that in just one month, the whole cabin on top of the tallest spire, along with an adjoining shed was painted pink. 

No one really knows how or why this cabin was painted pink. Honestly, it's one of the great mysteries of the month, perhaps even the year. If you know who's behind this, please let us know! 

MTL Blog reader ClearChannel reached out to us on Twitter to find out what the deal is with the tiny pink cabin on top of the abandoned factory and here's what we know so far.

We spoke to Justin, owner of Riverside Bar in St-Henri and asked him if he knew what's up. 

"I'm interested to know what's going on myself! We don't have anything to do with it. The owner of the abandoned factory recently put up a fence to prevent people from jumping into the area," says Justin. 

"The fence was put up along the whole property. It's a popular spot and people love to take pictures. And people obviously still try to go inside. But I know the owner and he does a really good job of keeping everybody out."

Justin tells us that the owner of the factory has barricaded the first three floors of the building. 

"It's impossible — well, I guess almost impossible, to get into the factory. There's a welder that comes in all the time to inspect the building and make sure it's safe."

The plot thickens, however, as Justin tells us that Riverside is undergoing some minor renovations...including a fresh coat of paint. 

"I'm very curious because we bought pink paint."

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"At the back, near our basketball court, we have a bunch of renovation materials. We have paint and supplies so I'm curious to see if they took any of our paint," says Justin.

"Maybe they took our paint. I'd have to go back and check. Obviously, we have absolutely nothing to do with the pink cabin. We have a very good relationship with the owner next door and it's illegal to climb up there, so."

Montrealers, of course, have their own theories. Members of the St-Henri Facebook group are trying to figure out what's up with the pink cabin. 

One user comments that they've seen the "tenant" of the cabin putting up those green curtains and painting the roof of the cabin while they were having a drink at the adjacent Terrasse St-Ambroise. 

Another user hopes that whoever is painting the cabin finishes the job and paints the whole factory pink. 

Wouldn't that be something?

Do you know what this is all about? 

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