Montreal Officials Say They Can't Enforce A Ban On The Public Use Of Cannabis Because It's Impossible

Mayor Plante and the SPVM agree that the legislation could not be enforced in the city.
Montreal Officials Say They Can't Enforce A Ban On The Public Use Of Cannabis Because It's Impossible

It's no secret to the province that the CAQ government would like to enforce a bill that prohibits public use of marijuana, meaning the only legal place you'd be able to use the now-legal substance would be in your own home. Bill 2 would also raise the legal age to consume cannabis from 18 to 21, making the laws surrounding legal marijuana much more strict overall.

Well, in case you haven't yet heard, the city of Montreal has announced it is refusing to enforce a ban on the public use of cannabis because, according to officials, it would be nearly impossible in a major city.

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TL;DR Montreal Mayor Plante and the city's Police Chief are refusing to enforce Bill 2 -- the legislation that would make public cannabis use illegal. Mayor Plante is arguing that it would be impossible to enforce such a ban, while police don't find it possible to even enforce the legislation in the city. More details below.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and Police Chief Sylvain Caron spoke at the public hearings regarding the new legislation. The point they're trying to make is that life in Montreal is not the same as life in the rest of the province.

According to Plante, 60 percent of all Montrealers are tenants. Chances are you don't own a home or apartment, but instead rent. Well, more often than not, landlords prohibit cannabis use inside of their units, meaning a tenant only has the option of going outdoors to legally use marijuana, which could soon be illegal as well.

Which would technically mean it would be illegal to use a legal substance within Montreal. Not only that, but banning the use of cannabis outside would also marginalize homeless people and those that do not have the ability to be indoors.

City Police are also arguing that the law could not be enforced in Montreal if public use of cannabis was banned, as then officers would constantly be occupied with responding to complaints of outdoor cannabis smoking. Other police matters would then be put aside or ignored due to the Bill 2 legislation.

If Bill 2 was passed in the city, it's safe to say that the majority of cannabis use would become effectively illegal once again due to the circumstances that would prevent Montrealers from consuming legally. We can only hope that Mayor Plante is able to avoid having the ban placed on the city.

Stay tuned for more information.


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