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Montreal Ordered To Pay $28,000 To Woman Who Slipped On Icy Sidewalk

That's what happens when you don't put salt.
Montreal Ordered To Pay $28,000 To Woman Who Slipped On Icy Sidewalk

It has happened to every single one of us at least once in the past.

You're walking on a sidewalk in the winter, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you slip and fall on a patch of ice.

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If you're luckyyou'll just get a bit of snow on your pants and you'll feel a little embarrassed, but sometimes people get seriously hurt.

In 2016 a woman was walking out of a metro station in the South West. There was a thin layer of white snow covering the sidewalk but since there wasn't any salt or abrasives, the woman slipped and fractured her ankle.  

She has to get surgery the next day and she couldn’t work for 4 months. 

This week's Quebec’s superior court judged that the city of Montreal did not take the necessary measures to ensure the sidewalks were safe. 

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The judge in the case mentioned that the woman deserved half of the blame because she should have noticed that the sidewalk was slippery and she should have tried to be extra careful.

The city of Montreal has been order to pay $28 083,91. 


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