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The "Largest Paint Party In Canada" Is Coming To Montreal & Ladies Can Drink For Free

Ladies with tickets drink for free!
Montreal Paint Festival
  • The "Montreal Paint Festival," the "biggest paint party in Canada" is coming to Jet Night Club this month.
  • Paint blasters will soak the crowd in neon paint!
  • Ladies with tickets drink for free!

Canada’s largest paint party is coming to Montreal and you can be part of the art! 

On Saturday, September 14 from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m., JET Nightclub on Crescent is hosting one of the coolest Paint Parties to ever hit our city.  

This event will be stocked with professional photographers and cinematographers to capture the debauchery that will unfold because, yes, there will be PAINT BLASTERS showering you with paint!  

On that note, make sure you wear something that you don’t care too much about as chances are you will get sprinkled, if not covered with paint.  

The cool thing about the paint is that it is biodegradable and water based, which makes it easy to clean.    

If you do not want to get sprayed, there will be a dry zone that is separated from the wet “paint” zone. Both sections are 18+ so make sure you are of age to go.

The fun array of music will have you swaying your hips to Hip- Hop and dancing the night away to House, there will be a sound for everyone to vibe on.

There will also be bottle service and a bar stocked with endless beverage combinations. 

Tickets start at $15 and VIP tickets start at $25, this includes official gear and some surprises.  

If you and your friends are thinking about going, you should act fast because there are a limited number of spots available. 

I said it before and I will say it again, there is always something cool going on in Montreal and that is just one of the many reasons why I am grateful to call this city home.    

Montreal Paint Festival

Where: Jet Night Club

When: September 14

Cost: $15

Check it out here!

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