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Montreal Police Are Looking For 2 Men Caught On Camera Breaking Into Local Schools

Police suspect they're behind a series of robberies going back to September.
Montreal Police Are Looking For 2 Men Caught On Camera Breaking Into Local Schools

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal's (SPVM) Investigation Service is looking for two men wanted in connection to a series of school burglaries. A man and his two accomplices broke into schools in the North and East Ends of Montreal. Montreal police already arrested the first suspect and is now asking for the public's help in identifying the other men. 

Images captured on a surveillance camera show the two suspected burglars attempting to break into an undisclosed school.

The SPVM's first suspect, caught Tuesday, was brought to court to answer for three counts of breaking and entering. The man had two collaborators, still at large.

The man and his two accomplices are suspected of being responsible for a series of break-ins that have been ongoing since September. The SPVM hopes that someone will come forward if they recognize the two conspirators. 

One man was wearing a gray winter jacket with a fur hood. He had sneakers, gray pants, and was attempting to hide his face.

The second man was dressed all in black and his face was covered with a hood. This man held a crowbar and was prying open the school's door. 

Police are asking for the public to dial 911 or contact Info Crime with tips that can help identify the suspects. 

Translation:The SPVM arrested a person suspected of having participated in a series of school burglaries. Investigators are asking the public to identify two accomplices suspected of having participated in the crimes.

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There are more than a dozen elementary and high schools located in the East and North end of Montreal, though the police have not stated which the burglars targeted.

Also unclear is what, exactly, they were after in the schools.

There are no further details at the moment.

[rebelmouse-image 26887712 photo_credit="SPVM" expand=1 original_size="4000x1890"] SPVM

If you recognize the two men, contact the SPVM by dialling 911 or send an anonymous tip to Info Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133. 

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