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Montreal Police Closed A Downtown Street Because A High-Rise Window Threatened To Fall

Rue St-Antoine was temporarily closed to all traffic.
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Montreal Police Closed A Downtown Street Because A High-Rise Window Threatened To Fall
  • Montreal police had to close off a busy downtown thoroughfare to pedestrian and vehicular traffic because a large window from the EVO building threatened to fall to the ground.
  • The situation exacerbated the traffic situation today, as 3 lanes of St-Antoine are also closed for construction.

A situation in downtown Montreal impeded traffic flow this morning. Montreal police (SPVM) closed the area surrounding the EVO building due to a potential window collapse. Saint-Antoine between Robert-Bourassa and Square Victoria were closed to traffic, according to police reports. Firefighters responded to an emergency this morning on the northside of the EVO student residence.

EVO is a student residence located in what was once the Delta Hotel.* According to CBC News, EVO's converted hotel rooms can cost up to $1,200/month for one person. EVO bills itself as a "pioneer that encourages its tenants to become game-changers."

According to reports, building security alerted firefighters to a potential window failure. Fearing public safety, Montreal firefighters asked the SPVM to shut the area down to traffic.

The police tell MTL Blog that the intervention has ended and that the street has reopened to traffic. The SPVM says that the area around Saint-Antoine and Robert-Bourassa is heavily congested.

The area was also closed to pedestrian traffic, so passage between the downtown and Old Port became difficult.

It's unclear how the situation was resolved and whether the window was removed. We reached out to the Montreal Fire Department and are waiting for more information. 

Translation:Robert-Bourassa and Saint-Antoine in Montreal are closed to traffic because a window threatens to collapse off of the EVO student residence. Avoid the area!

We also reached out to EVO building security and are waiting for more information. 

There's no word on what caused the emergency. 

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To make traffic matters even worse, this morning, three lanes on Saint-Antoine between Atwater and Guy were closed for emergency construction. 

Translation: Significant congestion at the corner of Robert-Bourassa and Saint-Antoine. A huge window from the EVO student residence threatens to collapse. Large perimeter.

Try to avoid the area today as it's unclear when traffic will clear up.

Stay tuned for more information!

*This article has been updated.

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