Police Confirm Discovery Of Human Remains In Montreal Basement

Bones were found in the basement of a home in the South West neighbourhood.
Police Confirm Discovery Of Human Remains In Montreal Basement

I don't know about you, but I'm morbidly curious about whether or not someone has ever died in my apartment. Of course, finding actual bones in my residence is my worst nightmare, and I would definitely move out immediately if I were to ever find remains.

Unfortunately, for one St-Henri resident, my nightmare became their reality. A construction worker unearthed remains during renovations last month at their home on rue Delinelle. Police were just able to confirm that the remains found are indeed human.

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Last month, there were reports that remains were found in a part of the St-Henri neighbourhood. At the time, little information regarding the remains were known. 

According to reports by CTV, a constuction worker unearthed the bones and called the police.

The area in which the bones were found had previously been inaccessible to residents.

Rue Delinelle runs perpendicular to rue Notre-Dame west of the Place St-Henri metro station.

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The homicide division is currently inspecting the bones. It is unclear if the construction worker unearthed an entire skeleton or just a few bones. The identity of the remains is currently unknown.

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Police are also not excluding the possibility that this was a non-criminal act: someone who fell and died, for example. However, all hypotheses are still on the table for now.

In any case, my fear of basements now seems more founded. The story has captivated the minds of Montrealers, as it seems like a story right out of a Kathy Reichs novel.