Montreal Police Gave More Tickets To Cyclists Than All Other Major Canadian Cities Combined Last Year

There were 42x more tickets handed out in Montreal than in Toronto, according to the Toronto Sun.
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Montreal Police Gave More Tickets To Cyclists Than All Other Major Canadian Cities Combined Last Year

Leave it to Montreal to achieve the records that really matter. According to a report from the Toronto Sun, Montreal cyclists were ticketed more times than any other major Canadian city combined. 

Substantiated by SPVM's 2018 statistics, the report states that Montreal police handed out 12,285 tickets to cyclists. If we assume the Montreal cycling season is from April to October, that would be roughly 58 tickets a day over 212 days! 

Canada's other large cities didn't even come close to Montreal's staggering numbers. Our closest comparable, Calgary, saw a measly 399 tickets in 2018. It seems that aside from dodging potholes and dealing with heavy traffic, Montrealers have to watch out for police more than ever before.

Though numbers are down from 2017, Montreal still seems to have a problem with reckless cycling. It's not uncommon to see someone biking while texting (with both hands), headphones in, no helmet, going the wrong way down a one-way street. If you've ever biked in Montreal, I'm sure you can attest to this. 

At the same time, cycling collisions in Montreal resulting in death or injury were down by 12% overall. The SPVM, however, is quick to act if they spot a cycling infraction, it seems. 

According to TVA Nouvelles12,285 infractions equals out to 1 infraction per 144 people. Apparently, the infractions jumped to staggering heights in 2017 because of the introduction of an anti-headphone law. 

Montreal tops the list, above all other major Canadian cities in the report. After Calgary's 399 infractions, Vancouver (380), Toronto (292), Ottawa (180), Winnipeg (114), and Edmonton (113), rounded out the list. 

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To be honest, it's understandable that there have been so many cycling tickets handed out in Montreal last year.

If you've been for a bike ride in Montreal, you know you're in for a helluva trip. Often, it feels like this: 

Coupled with an infinite number of potholes and more traffic than the Jacques Cartier during the construction holiday, Montreal's bike paths are overcrowded and sometimes dangerous. 

Generally, according to TVA, most fines in Montreal are given for not respecting traffic lights, the absence of reflectors or a bell, not wearing a helmet, and headphones.

Interestingly enough, more pedestrians were given tickets than cyclists in 2018 in Montreal. Drivers received well over a million. In Montreal, getting a ticket is a right of passage, it seems. 

Hey, at least we can say we're better than Toronto, amirite?