Montreal Police Lined Up Their Cars & Blasted Sirens To Thank Health Care Workers (Video)

Just try not to tear up.
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Montreal Police Lined Up Their Cars & Blasted Sirens To Thank Health Care Workers (Video)
  • To show appreciation for the CHUM staff, Montreal police lined up their cars and blasted their sirens outside its facilities.
  • The video could bring you to tears.
  • They're not the only Montrealers doing what they can to demonstrate thanks for those on the front line.

The city is making some noise for its health care workers. The Montreal police are the latest to show their appreciation for hard-working medical professionals. Video posted to the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) Twitter account shows at least a dozen police cars lining up in front of its facilities and blasting sirens in a message of thanks and encouragement for its workers.

It's not the first time SPVM officers showed solidarity with the community.

A widely-circulated photo shows a handful of personnel decorating a station wall with the now-ubiquitous #çavabienaller rainbow.

The police join the Catholic church this week with their public demonstrations.

On Sunday, churches in Montreal rang their bells all at once "to send a message of hope to as many people as possible during the fight against this pandemic," according to a statement.

Churches will repeat the gesture every Sunday at noon through Easter.

In a quieter expression of gratitude for health care workers, people across Quebec are flashing their house lights every evening.  

Private companies are doing what they can, too.

Tim Hortons told MTL Blog that it had delivered free coffee to over 60 essential institutions in the province, including hospitals, veterinary clinics, and grocery stores.

Local hospital equipment producer George Courey Inc., meanwhile, is doing what it can to boost production of critical materials.

But though they're on the front line of the crisis, CHUM staff continues to post uplifting and informative photos on its social media pages.

In one image, workers gather to hold up signs that read, "on est là pour vous" — "we're here for you" — along with drawings of rainbows and hearts.

In another, staff reminds viewers of the importance of heeding advice from public health authorities.

Heroes across the city are stepping up to help their communities in this time of need.

Have you spotted any recent acts of kindness in your neighbourhood?

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Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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