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Montreal Police Shut Down The Bat-Signal Projection

A nearby intervention forced a premature end to the anticipated event.
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Montreal Police Shut Down The Bat-Signal Projection This Weekend
  • Montreal was the only city in Canada to be host to a projection of the Bat-Signal for Batman Day this past weekend.
  • Unfortunately, a nearby situation forced police to end the event and disperse fans.

Montreal was one of 13 cities around the world that celebrated Batman's 80th birthday this Saturday by projecting the iconic Bat-Signal on Place Dupuis. Unlike other cities, however, our little dose of Gotham City lasted only a few minutes. 

The Bat-Signal in Montreal was cut short because of police intervention in the nearby Parc Émilie-Gamelin. According to reports, a man who police describe as someone with mental health issues climbed a statue at around 5:30 p.m. and stayed up there for almost 5 hours until 9:50 p.m.

The man would not listen to police who pleaded with him to get down from the structure. Shortly after the Bat-Signal lit up the night, police ordered it shut off. According to Radio-Canada, the park was closed and the area was cordoned off for public safety.

The Bat-Signal was supposed to be projected from 8 p.m. to midnight on Saturday. Before the signal went up, many eager spectators were waiting by Place Dupuis so they could catch a glimpse of their favourite superhero's iconic symbol.

Needless to say, Bat-fans were sorely disappointed by the news this weekend.

Though people were hoping the caped crusader would swoop down and save the day, many Montreal Bat-fans quickly realized that life is not a comic book.

Montreal Bat-fans thought the Joker was playing a cruel trick on them but the real jokers were the police who turned off the light "for safety reasons." Too bad they didn't realize that the safest place is under a Bat-Signal. 

But alas, the police were the Bane of all Bat-fans who were eagerly awaiting a night full of Bat this Saturday. No wonder so many people think Montreal is a little Two-Faced. 

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Then again, it should come as no surprise because the police aren't often friendly to the Bat. Alas, Montreal has no Commissioner Gordon to vouch for him. 

Montreal was the only Canadian city in the world to play host to the Bat-Signal. We have that distinction no matter how short-lived it was.

13 cities, including London, New York, and Tokyo proudly shined a Bat-Signal in honour of Batman's 80th birthday. The caped crusader made his first appearance in 1939. 

There are no reports on the health of the man in crisis.

Did you see the Bat-Signal light up Montreal this Saturday?

If so, please send your photos and videos to @MTLBlog on Instagram! 

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