We Just Tried To Eat Every Poutine At Montreal's Poutine Festival (Video)

From jerk chicken poutine, to smoked meat poutine, to dessert poutine, we tried it allllll.
We Just Tried To Eat Every Poutine At Montreal's Poutine Festival (Video)

Montreal's fifth annual Poutinefest is taking place down at the Jacques-Cartier pier in the Old Port RIGHT NOW. The emblematic event, a celebration of Montreal poutine, on August 6, and is running until tomorrow, August 14.

Poutinefest features a smorgasbord of food: there are over 45 different kinds of exotic poutines, as well as a variety of desserts.

Of course, you know that we couldn't resist the temptation to head down there and try all of the poutines for ourselves. MTLBlog's Ariel Lefkowitz went down to the Old Port to see what the hype was all about.

Trust us when we say that the festival more than lived up to expectations. The poutines were, according to Ariel, delicious, and there was so much choice that she never managed to try them all.

The video below highlights just how much choice there is at the poutinefest. Ariel tried all kinds of poutine, from a "hangover burrito," which is basically a poutine and egg in a burrito, to a smoked meat poutine, topped with pickles.

There were a ton of more "exotic" options as well: options like jerk chicken poutine, taco poutine and popcorn chicken poutine with spicy mayo and sesame seeds. The event even features a vegan poutine this year.

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We spoke with Maude Couillard, an organiser of the event, and she says that not getting dessert is "not even an option." The event features a ton of sweet food trucks.

From slushies to desert poutine, there are a lot of options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

This year, the festival aims to be more eco-friendly by charging people $1 for "reusable forks." The proceeds go to a different charity each day. Delicious and charitable? I didn't think this festival could get better, but it did.

The festival only runs until Wednesday, August 14, so make sure to head there while you still can. May your fries be crunchy and your cheese gooey.

Montreal Poutinefest 2019

What: A celebration of poutine in all of its forms, plus dessert and activities for the whole family.

Where: Quai Jacques-Cartier.

When: August 6 – 14.