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Here Are The Montreal Poutine Week Restaurants & Some Of The Wildest Poutines You Can Try

Get ready to eat!
Here Are The Montreal Poutine Week Restaurants & Some Of The Wildest Poutines You Can Try

Poutine is not only delicious but as Quebecois natives, it's part of our DNA. This rich and decadent dish traditionally consists of gravy, cheese curds, french fries and a ton of flavour. Throughout the years, a slew of variations have been made and for the past eight years, Poutine Week has been featuring some of the most outrageous and calorie-filled poutines in the country. And now, here we are, ready for Poutine Week 2020 .

From February 1 until February 7, you can indulge in some killer eats as restaurants throughout Canada will be showcasing their creations. And this year, no flavour is off-limit.

Poutine Week has a total of 400 restaurants participating this year throughout Canada. Some of the craziest dishes include seafood, fried chicken and even desert poutines that will wow your taste buds.

This is the largest poutine festival in the entire world and since 2018, it has managed to raise over $100,000 for charity.

This week-long event is guaranteed to push culinary boundaries and create a friendly competition throughout the country.

Both die-hard poutine lovers and newcomers will be able to both discover new dishes and vote for their favourite poutine!

Dirty Dogs Saint-Laurent & Crescent

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 3685 blvd Saint-Laurent & 2010 rue Crescent

The Mac Mountain

Cost: $16

Dirty Dogs is an establishment known for their over the top dishes, which is why it comes as no surprise that they have gone all out for poutine week.

The classic poutine is made with tater tops and topped with 4-cheese mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, green onions, and BBQ. Wow...

Brasserie des Rapides

Where: 7852 Champlain Blvd

"The Super Bowl Philly"

Cost: $15.95

Mignon Churros & Nougat

Where: 30 rue Saint-Catherine O.

"La Mignonne"

Cost: $8.75

Le Trèfle MTL

Where: 3971 rue Ontario E.

"La Superball’z"

Cost: $19.75

Thip Thip Snack Bar

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

"Bijoux Poutine"

Cost: $15

This unique and tasty poutine not only has dehydrated mushrooms and green onions but the bird peppers and coriander sauce truly take this dish to the next level.

This is far from traditional poutine but the coconut milk and curry combines with the cubed sliced potatoes will have you begging for more.

Maison Saint-Paul

Where: 343 rue Saint-Paul E.

"Poutine St-Paul"

Cost: $32


Where: 1108 blvd de Maisonneuve O.

"Francesinha Poutine"

Cost: $15

Le Centre Sheraton Montréal

Where: 1201 blvd René-Lévesque O.

"Guilty Pleasure"

Cost: $10

Pub McCarold

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 5400 Chemin Côte-des-Neiges

"The Jurassique"

Cost: $18

This elaborate poutine is stocked with fries, strong cheddar, balsamic vinegar and topped with a full lamb shank. Everything about this dish screams decadence and is totally a must for any poutine lover in the city.

Les Enfants Terribles - Outremont

Where: 1257 ave Bernard

"La Bêêêêêêêêêêêrrrbêre"

Cost: $20

Briskets Montréal

Where: 1199 rue De Bleury

"Smoked MeatBalls"

Cost: $18

Les Enfants Terribles - Place Ville-Marie

Where: 1 Place Ville Marie Entrée

"La Sauvage"

Cost: $19

Cantine Emilia

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 7901 rue Saint-Dominique

"DaSilva Poutine"

Cost: $16.50

For those of you who love Portuguese inspired dishes, this poutine is a must-try. Composed of meatballs, chorizo (Portuguese sausage), Sao Jorge Cheese and their famous Emilia sauce, this poutine is a flavour-filled masterpiece.

Les Rôtisseries Piri Piri

Where: 415 ave Mont-Royal

"The Portuguese Poutine"

Cost: $10.95

Les Enfants Terribles - Cantine

Where: 1490 rue Sherbrooke O. Suite 101

"La Tex Mex"

Cost: $19

Roch Le Coq

Where: 1541 ave Van Horne

"Poutine Raymon"

Cost: $14

Le Birdbar

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 1800 rue Notre-Dame O.


Cost: $18

Birdbar is known for its mouth-watering fried chicken and of course, their poutine is topped with just that. Also included in the dish is cheese, beef brisket, mini tourtière, and special bourbon ketchup. The poutine also has jalapeno, so it's a little spicy, but all-around delicious.

Restaurant Hachoir

Where: 4177 rue Saint-Denis

"Roast 48"

Cost: $17

TABOO Cuisine Rebelle - Montréal

Where: 2025 rue Drummond

"TÀO Poutine"

Cost: $15

Pascal Le Boucher

Where: 8113 rue Saint-Denis

"Ramen Poutine"

Cost: $15

Broue Pub Brouhaha

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 5860 ave Lorimier

"Holiday Poutine"

Cost: $15.35

This French Canadian classic has a little twist and it topped with ragoût meatballs that will inspire your taste buds. From the fresh fries to the tasty gravy, this is a must-try during poutine week.

Monsieur Resto + Bar

Where: 1102 rue De Bleury


Cost: $19


Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine

"Poutine Bravas"

Cost: $7

La Cage - Montréal

Where: 150 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

"La Guerrière"

Cost: $12

Bistro Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises

Where: 32 rue McGill


Cost: $17


Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine

"Poutine Inversée"

Cost: $0

This unique poutine dish is beyond tasty. Composed of potato croquettes and filled with brown gravy and cheese. The website indicates that the cost is 0$ something tells me that it may be a mistake!


Where: 994 rue Rachel E.


Cost: $10.75

LABARAKE Caserne à Manger

Where: 3165 rue Rachel

"Smoked Lumberjack Poutine"

Cost: $20

La Bêtise Rosemont

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 6015 rue Saint-Hubert

"Bibimbap Poutine"

Cost: $17

Bibim is a term used for a mix of different ingredients and this Korean inspired poutine is a combination of sweet and spicy with a lot of flavours.

From homemade fries and cheese curds to pickled vegetables and sauteed beef, this poutine is a serious contender at poutine week.

Hanzo Izakaya

Where: 417 rue Saint Nicolas

"Okinawan Taco Friez"

Cost: $15

Paulo Et Suzanne

Where: 5501 blvd Gouin O.

"Atomic Philly Bomb - 40th Anniversary Edition"

Cost: $12.99

Ninkasi Simple Malt

Where: 6206 rue Saint Hubert

"Binary Poutine"

Cost: $14

Restaurant Kyomi

Where: 7660 blvd Newman

"Teriyaki Peanut Chicken Poutine"

Cost: $27

Fête à Crêpes

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 1800 rue Sainte-Catherine O.


Cost: $12.99

This homemade crepe is wrapped around fried potatoes, ground beef, bacon, cheese curds and poutine sauce. It is pretty much like having a poutine wrap, yum!


Where: 30 rue Saint-Catherine O.

"Little Surprise"

Cost: $7

Dirty Pizza

Where: 25 ave Mont-Royal E.

"The Dirty Mac"

Cost: $13

Rosélys Restaurant

Where: 900 blvd René-Lévesque O.

"La Réconfortante"

Cost: $23

Poincaré Chinatown

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 1071 blvd Saint-Laurent

"Ga'Lactic Galvaude"

Cost: $16

Made with Lacto-fermented fries, homemade gravy, goat milk curs and topped with a half marinated cornish hen, edamame and smoked sauerkraut.

And if that isn't enough to have your mouth watering, there is a cognac flambéed option that is mind-blowing.

Aux Vivres

Where: 4631 blvd Saint Laurent

"The Samurai Poutine"

Cost: $13.50


Where: 35 ave Mont-Royal E.

"La Chef Bandit"

Cost: $15


Where: 1465 rue Crescent

"Black Sheep"

Cost: $20

Bâton Rouge MTL

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: various locations in Quebec

"The 'Baked' Poutine"

Cost: $16

Baton Rouge has always served up a killer baked potato but they have taken it up a notch for poutine week. Loaded with cheese curds, 3 crispy BBQ pork back riblets, green onions & roasted sesame seeds and topped with BBQ sauce and Gochujang drizzle, this dish is seeping with flavour.

La République Démocratique Du Jambon (RDJ)

Where: 710 Place de la Gare

"Poutine Savoyarde"

Cost: $10

La Bêtise Verdun

Where: 3807 rue Wellington

"Braised Beef Pot Pie Poutine"

Cost: $17

Ho Lee Chix

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine

"Poutine Mapo"

Cost: $14

I am a huge fan of waffle fries and fried chicken and this poutine contains both of those ingredients. It also has a secret Chinese sauce and cheese curds. They also have a vegan version for those of you who don't eat meat or dairy!


Where: 355 rue McGill

"Will's Poutine"

Cost: $16

Beavertails - MTL

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 2 rue de la Commune


Cost: $8

* Only open on Saturday and Sunday.

The perfect combination of sweet and salty- this poutine is truly one of a kind. The classic poutine is served on-top of a Beaver Tail pastry. There is nothing more Quebecois than poutine served on top of a beaver tail!


Where: 1450 rue Crescent

Lamb Karma Poutine

Cost: $19.95

Le Gras Dur

Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

"La Snobinarde"

Cost: $25.95

Gaspésie Bistro Gourmand

Olya Krasavina for La Poutine Week

Where: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

"La Gaspésienne"

Cost: $21

This deluxe poutine is stocked with snow crab and Matane shrimp and it is topped with a lobster alfredo sauce and paired with cheese curds, parmesan cheese, and sea bacon.

Poutine snobs may not be a fan of this creation - but I can tell you that after trying it that it's beyond delicious.

Les Enfants Terribles - Ile Des Soeurs

Where: 209 Rue de la Rotond

"La Francaise"

Cost: $19

For those of you ready to take the poutine plunge, you can access a complete list of restaurants throughout the country on their website .

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