La Poutine Week Is Back & You Could Win $100 Worth Of Free Poutine As An Official Judge

So. Much. Poutine.
Montreal Poutine Week: You Could Win $100 Worth Of Free Poutine As An Official Judge

La Poutine Week is on its way back to Montreal. Yes, just after you finally get out of your Christmas food coma, La Poutine Week rolls around and gives you something else to distract yourself from the harsh reality of winter in Quebec. La Poutine Week will take place between February 1 and February 7, 2020, in cities across Canada. There will be a whole slew of restaurants participating and this year, they want you to be a judge.

Yes, you could be judging some of the city's best poutine in just a few week's time if you win La Poutine Week's contest that is seeking out the most dedicated poutine lovers.

In the past, La Poutine Week has awarded the poutine winners themselves and also given nods to People's Choice poutines.

This year, they're making it extra legit, but giving Poutine Week judges the chance to weigh in on what poutines are the best from their city.

Contest winners will be given up to $99 cash to go out and try as many poutines as possible in their own city. Plus, they'll take home some La Poutine Week swag and be listed as an official judge on La Poutine Week's website.

Talk about bragging rights.

In another city, this honour might be considered cool. You get to go munch on some free grub and give kudos to your fave spots.

But in Montreal, this title is... well, legendary.

To be an official judge of poutine is to have unspeakable poutine power. 

Are you a purist? Or do you love the wacky creations, like some of the Hall of Famers seen in years past, like the special Phở poutine from La Belle Tonkinoise, Dặc Biệt Poutine, or Chez Victor's Gnocchi'ds on the Block Poutine.

All you have to do to enter is fill out this "Official Judge" Contest form, where you let La Poutine Week know where you're located and why you're the poutine-lover perfect for the job.

The contest ends January 15, 2020, so you've got some time to perfect your poutine pitch and ensure you've really let La Poutine Week know why your mouth deserves this more than anyone else.

La Poutine Week "Official Judge" Contest

What: Enter for the chance to win a spot as an offficial judge for La Poutine Week  2020


Contest ends January 15, 2020

Poutine Week is from February 1-7, 2020

Where: Cities across Canada!

To submit your application to be a judge at this year's La Poutine Week, head to the Google Form here.

To learn more about La Poutine Week head to its official website here.

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