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Montrealers Started A Petition To Stop François Legault From Marching In The Pride Parade

Legault will be at Pride for the first time in his 20-year political career.
Montrealers Started A Petition To Stop François Legault From Marching In The Pride Parade
  • François Legault has decided to participate in the Montreal Pride Parade to address concerns that he doesn't support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • He may not receive a warm welcome, however. Some fear the crowd will boo the premier.
  • A petition to stop Legault from attending the parade has already garnered hundreds of signatures.

When François Legault announced that he would march in the annual Montreal Pride parade for the first time ever, more than a few eyebrows were raised. Critics in the official opposition party worry that Quebec's Prime Minister won't receive a warm welcome. 

Pride organizers welcomed Legault earlier this summer because he'd be representing the Quebec government, showing his support for the LGBTQ+ community in the province. His absence last year raised concerns that he didn't care about the community. 

According to TVA NouvellesLegault will be marching with Ministers Chantal Rouleau and Sonia LeBel. Montreal's annual Pride parade kicks off this Sunday at 1 PM at the corner of René-Levesque and Metcalfe.

The same report claims that in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Legault said that he's attending the Pride parade to show support for Quebec's LGBTQ+ community. According to him, there is "still work to be done in Quebec to fight against homophobia." 

The provincial government invested $1.6 million in financial assistance to Pride organizers this year. Still, despite showing support both financially and physically, critics say Legault will be booed when he shows up. A petition to block him from attending the event has so far gained 243 signatures. 

The petition, directed at Legault himself, states that he's not welcome because Bill 21 victimizes minorities, his party promotes a culture of fear, and that his party doesn't recognize the legal rights of trans immigrants. 

Signed by the LGBTQ+ community and allies in Quebec, the petition reads: "You have proven time and time again that you have no concern for minorities, and yet, here you are, at OUR celebration, for your own political gain. YOU are not an ally. You are an enemy. And you bring fear and pain to the members of our community."

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Despite the backlash, Legault insists on attending the parade as a show of support.

For the first time in his 20 year career, Legault plans to show up and support the LGBTQ+ with the blessing of parade organizers. 

Generally, responses to Legault's attendance have been negative. He might indeed get booed at the parade so let's hope he takes it stride. 

Many critics believe that this is a political ploy for Legault to gain favour in communities that he's not too popular in.

Whatever the case may be, at least he's showing up! 

Will you be attending the Pride parade this Sunday? 

If you are and spot Legault getting booed (or cheered, you never know!) send us a video to @MTLBlog on Twitter or Instagram

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