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Protestors Climbed The Montreal Cartier Bridge & Completely Shut It Down (Video)

The bridge was shut down for over an hour.
Montreal Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge Closed Due To Protesters

As we mentioned yesterday, this week marks the week of International Rebellion by activist group Extinction Rebellion and today they've climbed Montreal's Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

The bridge is currently closed in both directions as teams attempt to bring the activists back down to the ground.

The activists began their climb just before 7 a.m. and have been in a stand-off with rescue crews for nearly an hour now has the fire teams attempt to end the disruption on the bridge.

The goal, according to Extinction Rebellion, is to "redecorate the structure" with banners that "denounce the lack of meaningful action in the face of multiple environmental crises."

There are also a number of protesters on the ground at the bridge as well as a planned "street party" that is scheduled to take place later this afternoon near Place du Canada.

The Jacques-Cartier Bridge Twitter account tweeted out below letting commuters know the bridge is currently closed in both directions.

The Montreal Fire Department is also asking individuals to avoid the area as they continue to attempt their "rescue."

Several people have managed to snap pictures and videos of the three protestors who managed to climb their way to the top of the structure.

Many people in the area began hearing helicopters as early as 6:45.

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This means that traffic has been stopped in the area for at least an hour, if not longer.

However, protesters believe that they are speaking out on behalf of the 500,000 people in Montreal who marched for Climate Change action on September 27th.

Just as I finish writing this it seems the Fire Department is calling the end of the incident, meaning they've likely managed to get the protesters safely to the ground.

We will keep you posted with this story and any upcoming protests as they occur.

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