Photos & Videos Of Damage Caused By The Montreal Rainstorm

Stay safe out there!
Fallen Tree Crushes Car During Montreal Rainstorm

Montreal and much of the rest of Southern Quebec has been dealing with some pretty intense rain over the last 12 hours, and there's little sign of it slowing down according to Environment Canada's ongoing Rainfall Warning. Thousands across the province are without power as Hydro-Québec does its best to deal with fallen trees and power lines along with strong winds.

Plus, up in the Laurentians, it's looking like Quebec is going to get the first real snow dump of the season soon. It's forecasted to begin this afternoon and continue into tomorrow - if Environment Canada's Snowfall warning is a real indication.

So, how are Montrealers handling this aggressive autumn weather? Well, all in stride, from the looks of it.

Countless people are dealing with trees on top of their car or blocking their street, but many are still out there, useless umbrella in hand, fighting their way through the city regardless of the rain.

Here are some priceless snapshots of the damage and determination that has been seen in Montreal today in the face of the severe rainstorm.

Those parked on the street were presented with an unwelcome misadventure, as many trees have come down over the past couple hours thanks to the severe wind.

This photo comes from Insta user @julcouphan. "A giant tree just landed on my car and destroyed it," she told MTL Blog.

[rebelmouse-image 26888961 photo_credit="@julcouphan" expand=1 original_size="828x620"] @julcouphan

Hydro-Québec is out in full force, doing what it can to get the power back on for the tens of thousands of Quebecers who are without it right now.

These CBC reporters are telling it like it is... 

An umbrella will not save you now - as those who abandoned their frail coverings above can testify.

More photos of cars completely crushed under huge trees show the extent of the damage that has been seen across the city.

Add to that the never-ending construction, of which more began in downtown Montreal today, and you've got yourself a truly terrible trek into the city. 

Driving this morning was a soggy, cold and windy affair, which just makes the whole process even worse.

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But, as I mentioned above, the city stops for no storm, whether its rain or snow, as is proven by this photo below of a street cleaner out making his rounds.

And luckily Montrealers are 1) prepared and 2) industrious, as is proven by this caffeine-craver who had to have her joe, so she resorted to using a BBQ. Brilliant.

This makes me think of this tweet from earlier this month when those craving smoked meat decided it was worth the wait in the rain.

I know its miserable out there, Montreal, but you'll be okay.

Plus, this is just practice for the snow.