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Montreal Ranked #1 Best Cycling City In North America

We ranked 18th worldwide!!
Montreal Ranked #1 Best Cycling City In North America

Montreal cyclists are everywhere. Even in the winter, we can spot some brave souls in their snow gear pedalling through the snow. And, in the summer, the bike paths really start buzzing with activity.

Despite the difficult winter and abnormal amount of potholes, Montreal is considered by its cyclists to be a pretty great city for biking. There are tons of designated bike lanes, bike-sharing services are booming, and the relative flatness of the city makes it easy to bike in.

Apparently, COYA, digital insurance specialists, agree. They published the 2019 edition of their Bicycle Cities Index, which puts Montreal as the best cycling city in North America.

We also ranked 18th overall worldwide!

[rebelmouse-image 26892707 photo_credit="COYA" expand=1 original_size="1144x268"] COYA

They describe their methodology as the following: they "selected cities from around the world including traditional cycling cities, as well as some lesser-known locations improving their bicycle infrastructure."

Then, they "analysed each location for several factors which determine if a city is good for cycling or not." These factors include things like bike theft, infrastructure and the city's cycling fatalities.

The full list of factors is above.

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Montreal was ranked as the top cycling city in North America.

It ranked 18th worldwide, between Bristol in the UK and Innsbruck, Austria. The other Canadian city on the list, Vancouver, is in 37th place.

The list of the top 20 cities, along with their overall score, is as follows:

  1. Utrecht, Netherlands (77.84)
  2. Munster, Germany (66.15)
  3. Antwerp, Belgium (60.51)
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark (60.46)
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands (60.24)
  6. Malmo, Sweden (55.88)
  7. Auckland, New Zealand (55.38)
  8. Hangzhou, China (52.55)
  9. Bern, Switzerland (48.76)
  10. Bremen, Germany (48.41)
  11. Hannover, Germany (48.01)
  12. Strasbourg, France (45.45)
  13. Bordeaux, France (45.42)
  14. Hamburg, Germany (45.11)
  15. Leipzig, Germany (44.55)
  16. Nuremberg, Germany (43.97)
  17. Bristol, United Kingdom (43.76)
  18. Montreal, Canada (53.68)
  19. Innsbruck, Austria (43.13)
  20. Berlin, Germany (42.84)

As expected, Montreal scored relatively low on the weather score and road quality score.  However, the city ranked high when it came to bike usage and low in terms of bike accidents.

Montreal was ranked the top city in North America for cycling and 18th in the world. More information can be found at the source below.


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