Montreal Ranked #1 Best Student City In North America And #6 Worldwide

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Montreal Ranked #1 Best Student City In North America And #6 Worldwide

Montreal has ranked 6th overall for the best university city in the world. This ranking comes from Top Universities, a company dedicated to access to "the best tools and the best independent expert information before making a decision," when it comes to choosing a university.

Montreal definitely gets bragging rights because, not only is it one of the best student cities in the world, it's the best student city in North America.

Montreal ranks high because of its multiculturalism, its thriving arts scene and the friendliness of its residents.

The city has actually dropped two places since last year, from fourth to sixth place. Here's the rest of the top ten best student cities:

  1. London

  2. Tokyo

  3. Melbourne

  4. Munich

  5. Berlin

  6. Montreal

  7. Paris

  8. Zurich

  9. Sydney

  10. Seoul.

Montreal is praised for its multilingualism, multiculturalism and its culture, Top Universities also adds that the city is welcoming to students and other foreigners.

The ranking also (rightly) notes that the city is the "cultural capital of Canada."

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Top Universities notes that Montreal is "renowned for its laidback yet lively lifestyle, attractive boulevards, thriving creative industries, café culture, and eclectic range of arts venues, live performances and nightlife."

The ranking notes that factors considered include affordability, employer activity and student views. However, if "weather" was also included, the city might just drop a few spots...

It's just one more thing you can taunt your friends who chose to go to U of T about: we pay cheap rent AND we live in a better city than you. 

Top Universities says, "While it might no longer be number one overall in the ranking, Montréal is 12 places higher in the student rank indicator than fellow Canadian city, Toronto, and is celebrated by students for its arts and culture"

That's something we can be proud of.

Find the full ranking here.

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