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Montreal Ranked One Of The Best Cities In The World For Public Transit

Yes, really.
Montreal Ranked One Of The Best Cities In The World For Public Transit

USA Todayreleased a report awhile back that ranked the best cities in the world for public transit. The list, which features ten cities, names Montreal as one of those cities with world-class public transportation.

This puts Montreal on equal footing with other cities on the list like Tokyo and Zurich. 

TL;DR Montreal has been ranked one of the best cities in the world for public transportation by USA Today. We're a little confused, but we'll take the love.

USA Today stated that they chose these cities based on "networks that cover all the neighborhoods you want to see, with reliable, frequent service at an affordable price."

Montreal was chosen to feature on the list because, "between its color-coded subway lines and wide-ranging bus network, Montreal’s public transportation will get you just about anywhere you need to go — without being over-complicated."

The newspaper also cites flexible fare rates and the ease with which visitors can reach major landmarks as further reasons to put the city on the list. 

Many Montrealers may not agree with this, but we are indeed pretty lucky, and sometimes take our STM for granted. 

We have a metro system that is completely underground, which means that it is not delayed by our rapidly changing winter conditions. And, though our buses do face significant delays, they run accross the entire city, which means you can get pretty much everywhere a car can (though it might take significantly longer).

Not to mention that we have some awesome bus drivers and metro operators.

So, you may not agree with this, but I think the STM still deserves a pat on the back for the service they offer, rain or shine.


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