Montreal Ranked One Of The Least Happy Places In Quebec

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Montreal Ranked One Of The Least Happy Places In Quebec

Léger, a survey company in Quebec, has polled a representative number of citizens of each major city in Quebec, of which there are 50 in total, to find out which city is the happiest.

L'indice de bonheur Léger (IBL) is composed of many different factors such as integrity, accomplishment, friendship, and more. 

The survey is an interesting overview of Quebec as a society. Montreal is placed 40th overall, and is the least happy major city in Quebec. This news hurts my feelings.

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TL;DR A new survey places Montreal as the 40th happiest city in Quebec, out of 50 cities. The metropolis is the least happy major city in Montreal.

According to IBL, the happiest city in Quebec is Varennes, with 79.27 points. The average accross all cities is 75.29. The city has set itself apart for its sensitivity to environmental causes, its civility, and its authenticity.

Following close behind are Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and Candiac.

Montreal ranks 40th, with an index of 73.91. In terms of Quebec's 10 largest cities it is dead last:

  1. Lévis 77,17
  2. Terrebonne 76,11
  3. Québec 75,94
  4. Gatineau 75,70
  5. Trois-Rivières 75,68
  6. Saguenay 75,57
  7. Laval 75,45 28
  8. Sherbrooke 75,39
  9. Longueuil 74,31
  10. Montréal 73,91

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When asked to rank how accomplished they feel (which is how their actual life compares to their dream life), only 46% of Montrealers felt "accomplished," ranking 48th overall.

Don't lose hope, though: Montreal is still good for a few things. Montrealers rank second in terms of whether or not they feel they have strong bonds with their friends. Yay, friendship!


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