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There Are Currently 4 Apartments Available For Rent In Montreal's Olympic Village

Now's your chance to live in one of Montreal's most historic spots!
There Are Currently 4 Apartments Available For Rent In Montreal's Olympic Village
  • When it comes to Montreal real estate, how can one ever decide where to live with the endless list of options?
  • If you're a fan of history or architecture, or both, you'll be happy to know that there are currently four apartments available for rent in the Olympic Village.
  • See photos of the buildings and apartments below!

Montreal is filled with iconic buildings, all with history deeply embedded into them. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to live in a building in the Olympic Village? Well, if so, now's your chance to take an apartment tour of one of the four units currently available for rent there. I think it's safe to say that this is some prime Montreal real estate.

As the listing says, "the athletes having left, it is now your turn to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of downtown Montreal and the Olympic stadium. Go shopping, share a meal at a restaurant or swim a few lengths without having to leave the building!"

Let me tell you that the apartments are not exactly on the cheap side — but you know you're paying for the location. And that's a solid enough justification for me to feel the need to share the options with you.

On the plus side, your heat, Hydro, A/C, and water are all included in the price. So really, you'll just need to worry about getting your own WiFi.

Check out the photos of this architectural wonder of a building below.

If you're one of the lucky ones who scores an apartment here, you'll also get access to the indoor heated pool, the sauna, and the fitness center — and that's not all.

Inside the complex, there are also "supermarket, restaurants, cafeterias, doctor, pharmacy, dentist, hair salon, [and a] dry cleaner."

I'm starting to fear you'd never even want to leave the building... Because why would you need to?

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The listing reads "living at Olympic village means linking the comfort and simplicity of having everything one needs under the same roof, with one of Quebec’s most glorious pages of history."

Seriously — how cool are these buildings?

The four options for apartments to rent are as follows: a bachelor (0 bedroom) for $960/month, a 1 bedroom for $1,375/month, a 2 bedroom for $1,535/month, and a 3 bedroom for $2,695/month.

And each of them has one bathroom in the apartment.

Maybe you're feeling like these prices are a little steep (you're not wrong), but they seem to be pretty average for Montreal apartments. Also, knowing that rent increases in our city are on the rise, now's the time to act fast.

Check the listing out here!