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6 Montreal Restaurants That Will Make You Feel Like You're Wining & Dining In France

From huge wine selections to charcuterie platters, you'll be feeling like you took a flight to France at these resto-bars!
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6 Montreal Restaurants That Will Make You Feel Like You're Wining & Dining In France
  • There are a number of Montreal restaurants that allow us to take little trips all over the world whenever we go out to eat, thanks to the city's multiculturalism.
  • But, the French influence seems to take over when it comes to Montreal resto-bars.
  • Find out which restaurants in Montreal you can visit if you want to pretend you're in France for the evening!
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Montreal restaurants are filled with many cultural influences. But we all know that the city's biggest influence is that of France, based on its history. You can see it all over the city: at the Notre-Dame Cathedral, in the small cafés, on the cobblestone streets of the Old Port.

Where you can really feel the influence is in our many French-inspired restaurants. And what's more French than a date with a bottle of wine and a cheeseboard? Well, nothing. So, MTL Blog made a list of the best restaurants to pretend you're living it up in France, all while staying right here in Montreal.

Of course, you can always buy your own bottle of wine from the SAQ and then go to the Atwater market to get a selection of cheeses, but sometimes we just want to be wined and dined - and these restaurants do exactly that.

So, even if we don't have the climate of that the South of France is currently blessed with, we are lucky enough to have food and wine influenced by different French cities here.

We also added some examples of menu options with their prices, so you can budget your fake trip to France accordingly.


Address: 3424 Ave Du Parc

This wine bar has a wine selection that feels like it only exists in dreams - or in France. They have a selection of over 500 wines, so there's no doubt that there will be at least one that's à ton goût.

While the wine bottles sold here may seem on the pricey side, they also offer over 50 different types of wine by the glass, which is a lot less expensive.

Pullman offers many great French-influenced food options. With its Charcuterie board at $18 and its foie gras platter at $16, your trip to France will never have seemed so cheap!

With the beautiful chandelier hanging in the middle of the restaurant, you'll be feeling like you're living like a lavish Parisienne for the night.

Bar Loïc

Address: 5001 Rue Notre-Dame W

Loïc's carte des vins may give you a headache because of all its options, but its friendly staff will surely help you with your choice. The wine bottles range here from $45 to $150+, but this shouldn't scare you away since there are also a number of wines you can get by the glass.

And when it comes to the food, almost every dish is between $8 to $20, so that gives you a little extra money to spend on your wine selection!

This resto-bar is only open from Wednesday to Sunday, so keep that in mind when you're planning your French night out!

Chez Eric & Fils

Chez Éric & Fils

Address: 438 Place Jacques-Cartier

The restaurant's wine selection, with a majority of the bottles being from France, will leave you wanting to try them all.

Its cheese platter is under $20 and if you're looking to really feel like you're in France, you can also order the Charcuteries platter for $24.95.

And besides the great good and drink that the restaurant offers, there is also live music sometimes! Not to mention, the dim lighting of the restaurant gives it a true French ambiance.

Plein Sud

Address: 222 Ave Mont-Royal E

Okay so, this restaurant is, in fact, a real French restaurant, since the owners have both Nice and Corsican roots. Their goal for Le Plein Sud was to take their roots and bring them to Montreal, which they have successfully managed to do.

Their menu is filled with a number of French entrees including goat cheese and beet mille-feuille, ratatouille, and Corsican tartine - all of which are under $10!

You can have a French-styled lunch date here, as the restaurant opens from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday. So, whether you're ending work early or need a little break - Le Plein Sud is your spot. Like a true French restaurant, it closes after lunch and opens again for dinner, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday to Saturday.

La Chronique

Address: 104 Ave Laurier O

The unique art along the walls feels gives off the same vibes as a small café in France. And if that doesn't seem French enough to you, the wine bottles displayed all around the restaurant will surely convince you.

Like a proper small-town French resto-bar, it's food menu has very little options. But this makes it easier to choose, right? The "bar de ligne" is many people's go-to here, and it's $28! And since the chef is French, you can be assured that the food is the real deal!


Address: 3972 Rue St-Denis

This restaurant is styled exactly like the ones in France with its long bar that has many leather stools to sit on, its checkered floors, and black and white photos along the walls. So, you're sure to be fooled into thinking you've flown there while spending your evening here!

If you're a meat-eater, you'll be happy with their menu. From foie gras to steak tartare, L'Express does its French food authentically. None of the plates on the menu are over $30, so you won't have to break the bank on your fake trip to France!

"Going to l’Express is like travelling to Paris without having to hop on a plane," said Dan Bilefsky, a Montreal-based Canada correspondent for the New York Times, who did two stints in Paris for the paper.

The staff is known for their professionalism, which means you'll be getting the true French treatment while being a customer here. It's open every day until 3 a.m., except for Sundays where they close an hour earlier. This means it also makes the perfect spot for a late-night date.

À votre santé, Montreal!

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