Half The Champlain Bridge & Several Autoroutes Will Be Closed This Whole Weekend

No Champlain to get to the South Shore this weekend...
Half The Champlain Bridge & Several Autoroutes Will Be Closed This Whole Weekend
  • Montreal road closures this weekend include half of the new Champlain bridge as well as several Autoroutes connected to the Turcot Interchange.
  • You'll have to find another way to get to the South Shore this weekend, and Autoroute 15 has closures in both directions.
  • Maps and details below!

Another weekend, another attempt to get the Turcot Interchange finished. This weekend, there will be significant road closures in Montreal starting Friday, November 8, 2019 that will continue until the morning of Monday, November 11, 2019.

Included in the many highways and other road closures is the complete closure of the Champlain Bridge heading out of Montreal. However, if you're coming into the city, you're in luck.

Using the Autoroutes 15, 10, and 20 will be a headache, though, this weekend, so Transports Quebec is suggesting you buddy up, do some carpooling, or find some public transit that can get you where you need to be this weekend — because driving won't be fun.

Many smaller streets in and around the Turcot Interchange will also be impacted, including rue Saint-Jacques from Décarie to rue de Courcelle, as well as westbound rue Saint-Patrick between avenue de l'Église and rue Cabot, including the bike path.

Take a look at the maps below that will help highlight the key areas to avoid as we breakdown all the closures going on this weekend around the Turcot area.

The major work that Transports Quebec is warning drivers about for this weekend is focused on Autoroute 15, including the closure of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge in the direction of the South Shore.

The Autoroute 15 headed southbound will be closed from Friday at 11 p.m. until Monday at 5 a.m. between the Turcot Interchange and boulevard Taschereau.

The Autoroute 15 headed northbound will also be closed between Autoroute 10 west and downtown Montreal, as well as the entrance from L'Île des Soeurs.

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The Turcot Interchange ramp from Autoroute 15 north to Autoroute 20 west will also be closed, as well as the Turcot ramp from the A20 east to the A15 north and the Turcot ramp from A20 east to A15 south.

Starting to feel like it's not worth the drive? You might be right.

Autoroute 10 east will be closed between the Turcot Interchange and the entrance from boulevard Taschereau (R-134) in Brossard, which again, includes the Champlain Bridge.

The L'Île des Soeurs entrance from A15 south will also be closed, except for one lane via boulevard Gaétan-Laberge, for local traffic only.

The Autoroute 10 (Bonaventure) will be closed eastbound from Exit # 2 - Port of Montreal/avenue Pierre-Dupuy.

As mentioned above, rue Saint-Jacques will be closed between rue de Courcelle and boulevard Décarie, and rue Saint-Patrick will be closed westbound between avenue de l'Église and rue Cabot.

Cyclists will have to use the bike path on the north side of the Lachine Canal this weekend due to the closures on rue Saint-Patrick mentioned above.

For all this information from Transports Quebec directly, head to their page here (in French).

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