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Transports Québec, STM & SPVM Warn Of Danger & Delays As Snow Continues In Montreal

"If you don't have your winter tires, avoid driving."
Montreal Road Conditions Have Transports Quebec, STM and SPVM Warning Of Danger & Delays
  • The snow is still falling in the city as drivers are on the morning commute, many without snow tires yet.
  • Transports Quebec, the STM and the SPVM have all issued warnings regarding dangerous road conditions in Montreal and public transit delays.
  • The STL has also warned of delays with their buses. See all the notices below.

Montreal started out the week with news of some serious snow, and it turned out that the predictions were right. Yesterday afternoon the snow began and it has not stopped, continuing to fall overnight and into this morning, making the road conditions in Montreal pretty treacherous.

As is to be expected, the commute is going to be a slow one this morning, whether you drive or take the bus.

In fact, Transports Quebec and the SPVM both are even suggesting that if you don't have your winter tires on yet, don't drive at all.

Winter tires aren't mandatory in Montreal until December 1st, so it comes as no surprise that many Montrealers have likely not put their winter tires on yet, considering they've got nearly a month until it would be legally required to do so.

The alternative is hopping on some transit, but be warned that taking the bus is likely going to be a slow ride today, both for the STM and the STL who have tweeted out warning passengers in regards to the slow and snowy morning.

The tweet below was sent out by the SPVM this morning, warning drivers that conditions would be tricky and that they shouldn't drive their vehicle without snow tires today.

Translation: First snowfall of the year! For the safety of all, adapt your driving to the road conditions and take your time. If you do not have your winter tires, avoid driving with your vehicle. Have a good day!

Transport Quebec also addressed the snow tire deadline and included in their statement yesterday that, "When weather and road conditions are very unfavourable, it is appropriate to defer any non-essential travel."

The STM was quick to warn transit users this morning to prepare themselves for the inevitable delays.

Buses in Montreal are never fitted with snow tires, so it's not as though today's snow is worse than any other day for the buses themselves. But snow removal will be slow and sparse today, which will certainly make it difficult for buses to get around.

According to the Gazette, most snow-removal contracts for the City of Montreal don't begin until this Friday, November 15, so snow removal has been slow this week. Plante did indicate that they would be ready for this snowfall, though.

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In addition to the STM, the STL also tweeted out that they would be experiencing delays this morning thanks to the snow.

So, it's likely safe to assume that no matter where you are in Quebec - if you got snow last night and are still seeing it coming down, you'll need to plan accordingly.

Drive slow or stay home, say safe and off each other's asses. 

There is no rush worth someone's life!

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