Astonishing Video Shows Montreal Pharmaprix Employees Fight Off An Attempted Robber

The employees really put up a fight!
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Montreal Robbery At Local Pharmaprix Is Stopped By Daring Employees (Video)
  • A robbery occurred in the pharmacy section at a Pharmaprix in Côte-Saint-Luc around 10 p.m. on November 11.
  • We spoke to the pharmacy's owner, David Banon, who confirmed that no one was hurt during the incident, but the employees involved definitely took a hit.
  • Watch a video of the robbery below.

Although Montreal is a rather safe city, this does not mean dangerous incidences don't take place all around us. Last night, a robbery occurred at the Pharmaprix at 5800 Cavendish Blvd. Video proof of this was sent to MTL Blog early this morning but was taken last night. The video, which you can see for yourself below, shows a man appearing to shove medicine from the back counters into a black bag, and then attempting to make a run for it.

When the robber tries to run, there are four employees who actively try to stop him from escaping. In doing so, one employee is pushed straight to the ground. The robber then makes his way to the emergency exit. One employee screams "Call 911," which undoubtedly was the right reaction.

One employee appears to have managed to run back inside with the bag that was used for the robbery.

The most surprising part of the video comes when the robber engages in a physical fight with two of the employees who followed him outside. It doesn't take long before the robber goes off running, though.

The person who sent us the video explains that "the guy managed to escape at the end, the employees tried really hard even though why would they risk their life... the robber was well equipped he even had gloves."

Pharmaprix Robbery

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They continued to say that, "at the end, the employees were so scared that they asked everyone to leave without letting [customers] buy medicine that we came for."

They conclude by saying, "a woman in the line was really freaked out as it was 10 p.m., her husband had a surgery and she couldn’t even buy his prescribed medicine..." Of course, this is a very difficult situation, but the video shows that the employees acted quickly and in the best way they could.

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The fact that one of the employees appears to have managed to retrieve the bag that the robber was using to take the stolen products is impressive and shows their dedication to their job. 

We reached out to the SPVM for comment. In response, a spokesperson explained that no comment could be made on specific cases.

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Thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident, although the video shows one employee taking a pretty bad hit to the ground, as you can see in the screenshot above.

The owner of the pharmacy, David Banon, explained to MTL Blog that "we are not the first nor the last pharmacy where an attempted robbery has happened. It is more common than you think." This makes it clear that stealing over-the-counter medicine is something that happens all too often. 

Be safe, Montreal, and remember that if you are ever a witness to any type of illegal incident, contact the police immediately.

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