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Montreal Police Are Looking For 6 Men That Posed As Repairmen & Scammed People

They went door-to-door, took money, and disappeared.
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Montreal Police Are Looking For 6 Men That Posed As Repairmen & Scammed People
  • A new Montreal scam has the SPVM asking for the public's help.
  • Six men are wanted for fraud after dressing up like construction workers, convincing homeowners to pay them for services, and then never showing up to complete the work.
  • See the suspect photos below.

A new Montreal scam has the SPVM looking for six suspects wanted in a West Island fraud investigation.

Last month, six men aged 25 to 45 went door-to-door in the West Island and offered sidewalk repair services on private properties. The unsuspecting victims paid for the services and the men never delivered on the work. 

According to witness reports, all the men spoke English with a strong Irish accent. Surveillance camera footage has identified six men and Montreal police have officially put out a call for public information. 

Four men were wearing orange work jackets while the other two were in regular clothes. One suspect's face is completely obscured by a baseball cap while the others are clearly seen by the surveillance camera. 

The suspects might still be at large in the West Island. Police are advising West Island residents to be wary of any workers that suddenly show up at your door offering services. 

We reached out to Montreal Police for more information about these suspects and we're waiting for an update. 

Anyone with information that could identify these suspects can contact 911, go to their neighbourhood station or give an anonymous tip to Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133 or online.

Check out the suspects' photos below.

One suspect (seen below), was wearing a blue sweater with black pants and grey shoes. He's described as around 35 years old with brown hair and an Irish accent. 

[rebelmouse-image 26888812 photo_credit="SPVM" expand=1 original_size="310x310"] SPVM

Some of the suspects were dressed as city workers such as the man seen below, roughly 40 years old with a beard and brown hair. He was wearing sneakers and navy pants.

[rebelmouse-image 26888813 photo_credit="SPVM" expand=1 original_size="310x310"] SPVM

All men were described as having strong Irish accents.

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Montreal Police are asking the public that if they've seen the men around, to contact them as soon as possible. 

[rebelmouse-image 26888814 photo_credit="SPVM" expand=1 original_size="310x310"] SPVM

If there's a chance that they're still running their operation, police want to stamp it out as soon as possible.

An older man, aged 45, was also spotted by surveillance footage. He was wearing a blue and black plaid shirt and has brown hair. 

[rebelmouse-image 26888815 photo_credit="SPVM" expand=1 original_size="310x310"] SPVM

Always ask for credentials and be suspicious of any random group of men who come to your home and offer you services. 

If you see these men in your neighbourhood, call 911 or send an anonymous tip to Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133 or at their website here.

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